Saturday Night Success!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! 🙂 I hope y’alls weekends are shaping up fabulously! I’m not sure how I feel about Sunday’s…I love them because it means going to church and football but dread them because it means Monday is fast approaching and it’ll be back to the grind,  I work retail though which means I work Sunday’s sooo I guess until I have a big girl job my relationship with Sunday’s will always be questionable! Haha!  Last night was Go Fest so you know I’m going to be talking about that! I can’t tell you how much fun a country concert is!  Take it from someone who has been to a variety of concerts, nothing is more fun than country! Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan know how to put on a performance! I saw them at Stagecoach back in April and they were just as good as I remembered.  The entire crowd was dancing and singing and so friendly.

So many dresses and so many boots!  We were celebrating that pretty girl in the whites twentyfirst birthday, we had a good time!On the agenda for today for me: church, work, workout, sleep! I’m craving another amazing workout and I’m hoping to be able to kick my butt again! I’m feeling completely recovered from my bout with pneumonia so it’s time to get training in full swing again.  Can’t wait for my 3 mile run on Tuesday!  See ya in the evening! Have an amazing Sunday and Go Broncos.  Sidenote:  I’m upset that I’ll be missing the Broncos Raiders game, I always enjoy seeing the Raiders lose and it’s sweeter when they lose to one of my teams 😉


How do you feel about Sundays? Love em or hate em?

Two recaps, One post!

Happy Saturday Y’all! Guess what today is…Go Fest! Just a short five hour shift stands in my way of a huge country party.  I am counting down the minutes!  Conspicuously absent yesterday? Yes, I was.  I had just about the craziest day ever and I will spare you with the details of the chaos because frankly I’m sure you do not care.


Lets rewind to Thursday Night: This happened 🙂Froyo is pretty much my weakness and I will pretty much eat it at any given time.  I also am secretly a 5 year old and top it with cereal, brownies, and nutter butters.  Un-healthiness for the win!  But you know what else happened…That happened.  An AMAZING workout.  I was beginning to doubt that I would ever have a satisfactory workout again after my pneumonia but I took an afternoon nap and when I woke up BAM I was craving a workout! Oh it felt so great to sweat!  Do you ever feel like you might never have an amazing workout again and then all of a sudden it just happens?  Such a great feeling!  Three miles were completed that night.  Yes, the froyo was my reward 🙂 I’m into that kinda stuff!  I’m still learning how to take selfies in the mirror so I apologize for looking like a complete tool, I’m tryin y’all! Thursday was also such a fab night because my friend who left for Air Force bootcamp in May and I hadn’t seen since then came home for leave and we all gathered for a jacuzzi sesh which was music to my sore muscles ears!


Friday, Friday: The day of craziness!

Friday started off in the way that I felt like my adequate venti sized ice coffee wouldn’t do so I kicked it up to trenta (told you I love Starbucks) but I was still left feeling like I could use more caffeine and I was wishing I could just pump it straight into my blood.  I always know a day is going to be madness when I start off feeling that way!  For breakfast I was craving waffles…again, and peanut butter so I set out to make myself a peanut butter banana wafflewich but was so disappointed when I discovered I was out of pb, blasphemy I know, so instead I settled for a grape jam wafflewich, and while not exactly what I was craving it satisfied me for the morning.

i’m lovin waffles

See that winter sweater I’m wearing in the above picture?  Well it was well over 85 outside but because we’re dressing for the season in retail which meant looking like a complete tool.  Customers are always in shorts and tee-shirts while us employees are always rocking pants, boots and sweaters!  Craziness, no?  On the bright side though, we firmly believe in keeping the building at a chilly 33 degrees so I’m always nice and comfortable.  Kidding about the 33 degrees, it’s cold though…really cold!  And because it was my first “selfie” on instagram I leave you with this…Mastering the photo taking while driving skills!  Have an instagram? Follow me…kelseyfinch!  I won’t be back for an evening post tonight because I’ll be shakin it for Luke Bryan but I’ll see y’all in the morning with plenty of pictures don’t worry 🙂  Have a great Saturday!

What’re are YOUR fun plans for this glorious Saturday?

Leggo my Eggo!

Today I woke up feeling a hundred times better! Amazing what antibiotics, sleep and countless episodes of Friends can do for the body!  I woke up craving and I mean craving waffles.  It might have been Courtney’s post the other day about pumpkin waffles but something this morning told my body I needed waffles and I needed them RIGHT NOW and you know me, I don’t ignore cravings.  So I had waffles..Two whole grain waffles from Trader Joe’s topped with maple syrup and banana slices.  Boy were these babies d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s (sing that to the tune for Glamorous by Fergie 😉 )


25 Diet Busting Foods You Should Never Eat

I was reading that article on today and I was surprised to find food I considered “healthy” or healthier options on that list.  I wasn’t surprised to see foods like a Coldstone PB&C Shake, or a Cinnabon Cinnamon roll but I was surprised to see foods like Arnolds whole grain country white bread and Quaker Natural Granola, both foods which to me sound healthy…I mean whole grain and natural sound like pretty healthy adjectives so why wouldn’t the foods that contain them be healthy as well?  It got me thinking though, are these foods “un-healthy” because of stats and not just how we eat them?  If that is the case then any food we consume, within reason, could be deemed un-healthy.  For example, if you consume just vegetables, an all around accepted healthy food, then you’re robbing your body of other nutrients.  So, why can’t I enjoy Arnolds whole grain country white bread and not have it bust up my diet?  Brings me to moderation, something I struggle with on the the daily.  I could easily consume 5 or 6 waffles instead of the two I had for breakfast this morning, yes they’re whole grain and on the healthier side but eating 5 or 6 then puts them on the un-healthy side.  I constantly struggle with eating in moderation.  I have a hard time not devouring an entire burrito bowl from Chipotle or just having one Oreo out of the package, but I’m slowly training myself to eat responsibly and to enjoy half a burrito bowl and know that I’ll have the other half for tomorrow’s lunch, or have two oreos and then a bowl of fruit to fill me up instead of having ten oreos.  I don’t believe in diet busting foods.  I believe that you should be able to eat whatever you want and enjoy it, with moderation.

Do you believe certain foods should be complete “no-no’s” or do you think everything can be enjoyed in moderation?

What I’m lovin’ Wednesday!

Claire reminded me today that it’s the last week of September.  Holy cow is it really already October?  Where has this year gone?! Don’t get me wrong, I loooove this time of the year,  I consider October the un-offiicial start of the Holidays and I’m so excited to get my decorating on!  I’m already in full on Halloween costume planning and debating on what should be this years costume, currently I’m in between Katy Perry and the rainbow fish from that children’s book! Soo that brings me to the first thing I’m loving right now…I’m totally loving the fact that it’s almost October which will mean Halloween will be in full swing in just under a week.  Can’t wait to get this holiday season in full swing!  And you know I’m over here hoping that the first week of October will bring cooler temperatures to Southern California and it’ll start feeling like fall! Yes, I am getting my hopes up and I’m hopin’ I’m not disappointed!

I’m also currently loving the fact that today is Wednesday which means I only have three days and two shifts at work to get through before I get to be reunited with these guys Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan! Remember last weekend when I celebrated my friend Camille’s birthday?  Well we’re continuing the celebration this weekend at Go Fest!  I saw these two at Stagecoach this past April and I just can’t get enough.  I’ll be bustin out the cowboy boots and getting my country on all Saturday night!  I’m also sayin’ my prayers that I’ll be feeling a thousand times better come Saturday, cross your fingers for me!

And the third thing I’m lovin this Wednesday…MY BLOG! I feel like I’m finally finding my groove with this whole bloggin thing and I couldn’t be more happy!  I look forward to popping in, to hearing what y’all have to say and connecting with other bloggers, Hi Natalie! I’m slowly gaining the courage to share with people in my life, so far I’ve told my parents, my best friend Chelsea and my other best friend Shannon…my goal is to share the link on my personal Facebook page before my race, wish me luck!


I’m off to enjoy some more soup and Friends re-runs before hitting they hay!  See ya in the morning!

What are three things you’re loving today?

And it’s Pneumonia…

Notice I didn’t pop in yesterday?  My apologies to anyone who did notice!  Yesterday while working I started to feel like I was dying, I don’t know where it came from but at one point in the afternoon I literally thought I was going to keel over at any moment.  Yes, I’m exaggerating (can’t help it, it’s what I do) but really I don’t remember the last time I felt this sick.  Anyway, I made it through the day and home without dying, although I thought I lost my mind for a quick second when I was repeatedly pressing unlock on my car remote at the elevator and getting frustrated when nothing was happening.  At that moment I knew I just needed to get home and sleep.  I wanted to pop in and at least share something but my body was telling me “SLEEEEEP I NEED SLEEEEP” and I just couldn’t find the energy to even look at my computer!  Needless to say when I woke up this morning and felt even worst I knew I needed to pay a visit to my doctor!  Well two hours later I had my diagnosis…Pneumonia for this girl! So hear I am, after mustering up the energy to run a few errands I’m about to plop down on the couch with a cup of this stuff… and a DVR loaded with Friends re-runs!  I’m a little irritated because this is totally derailing my training, aside from the 35 minute workout I suffered throughenjoyed on Monday I haven’t been able to workout.  I’m hoping I can kick this pneumonia’s butt and be back to training on Monday.  And in addition to be irritated that I’m missing out on training I’m irritated that I’m sick 3 days before this…

Go Fest 2012

Can you read the sign? Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan on Saturday baby! I better be feeling a thousand percent better by then so I can get my country party on!  Keep your fingers crossed for me y’all!  I’ll definitely be back for an evening post tonight!  See ya then!  Almost forgot, I’ve mentioned how much I LOVE football but I forgot to mention how much I hate the Oakland Raiders, in honor of my hate for them I leave you with this silly little photo!

A hot day means a smoothie for lunch!

So much for the first day of fall bringing cooler weather to the Southern California region.  It was another scorcher today.  Truth be told, I don’t like doing anything when it’s hot out and that includes eating hot food.  I prefer to stick with sandwiches, salads, sushi and smoothies on summer days.  For lunch I opted for a strawberry banana smoothie to cool my insides down! Such a simple smoothie but so delicious.  In the blender, I combined fresh strawberries and banana’s, vanilla yogurt and a bunch of ice cubes!

blend baby, blend

I’m considering purchasing investing in a Vitamix blender.  I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews for it and considering the time it takes for my little blender to churn out a smoothie I think it would be worth it because when I want a smoothie I want it right this second.

cold and yummy

Definitely a good lunch choice!


This evenings post was inspired by Claire who posted about her fall bucket list!  I just did a bucket list for life in general but I have some cute-sy ideas for a fall inspired one and like I said, I like making lists and I like crossing things off that list so why not make a fall inspired bucket list! Time to round up the troops and go apple picking!  I don’t even know if we have apple farms in Southern California but I’m about to find out! I did make it to the gym this afternoon but kept it light and only did 20 minutes on the elliptical followed by a 15 minute quick ab workout brought to me by the Nike training app!  I’m suppose to run three miles tomorrow as part of my training plan and hopefully I’ll be feeling well enough to run. Well, I’m off to watch friends and eat spaghetti with my roomie, see ya in the morning!

Do you have any fall related “bucket list” things?!


Happy Monday!

Happy Monday y’all!  Last week was one crazy week and this weekend was even crazier!  I officially spent my first night in my new apartment!  I feel like such a grown up! I wanted to pop in after my shower and before my day started at full speed to share a story and show you some of my new digs!  Sadly, when I got off work last night I just was not feeling well enough for the gym. I pretty much felt like I was dying.  Sooo, I passed on the gym.  I was however, feeling well enough for dinner at work…enter a half of a Parmesan chicken sandwich from the cafe upstairs! That salad is the bomb dot com.  The picture doesn’t give it any justice.  If you’ve never been to a Nordstrom cafe, I suggest you go there for lunch…today. And that you order this.  The salad gave me just enough fuel to power through the rest of my shift.  The craziest part of my night happened to be the most horrible too.  I was coming home (to my new apartment) when I witnessed what was likely the worst accident I’ve ever seen.  I witnessed the two second aftermath.  Lucky for me and my life I didn’t see the accident actually happen because I most likely would have been in the accident.  This guy in a white pickup truck was speeding down a side street when he hit a parked pick up truck and launched it into oncoming traffic.  Luckily, nobody was coming the opposite way and the empty truck struck a tree and the pick up truck with the man flipped and skidded to a halt. I made a right hand turn on this street maybe half a second after the first impact.

straight craziness

The driver was able to climb out of his truck on his own but was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. The rumor is that he was going about 50 mph down a street with a 35 mph speed limit and was possibly drinking and driving.  Perfect example of why you should NEVER drink and drive.  He’s thankful to be alive, and that the truck he hit was empty.  I’m thankful I missed the accident too.  Looks crazy from the picture right, even crazier in person!


Moving on from the horrible, I have the day off today…yay!  I’ll be spending it unpacking, not so yay.  I’m feeling somewhat better but my body is craving a workout and you know what that means for me…that I’m physically feeling well enough to hit up the gym and bust out a workout and thats just what I’ll be doing around 3 p.m.  I’ll be popping in later!  Hope y’all have a fabtastic Monday!  See you later!

It’s Moving Day!

Good morning!  I’m currently typing this post while sitting on the floor of my old bedroom!  My bed, clothing, furniture, and all my other junk was moved to my new apartment this morning! Yippee!

moving day!

It feels so strange knowing that tonight I’ll be sleeping in my own bed, but I won’t be in “my” room…well my old room.  I’m also having a really hard time emotionally today, not because of being sad about moving because believe me I’m stoked but because the one person I should be celebrating with tonight…I won’t be.  Rough day today.  Let me recap last night for a sec! I’m still not feeling 100%, actually I’m not even feeling 50% so I didn’t make it to the gym for any sort of workout like I hoped!  I did, however, feel well enough to go out to celebrate my longest and dearest best friends birthday.  A group of 15 of us rented a party bus and bar hopped in downtown Fullerton, all was going well until somebody dumped their entire drink on my pants.  Needless to say I called my friend Adam and went home. Such an exciting surprise though and I was so glad I got to be apart of it!  birthday girl!Say Hello to Camille, the birthday girl!  My apologies for the blurriness, iphone + drunken photographers makes for some interesting photographs!
Besides moving today, I also work a closing shift.  My day has seriously been non stop since I got out of bed this morning!  I decided for a quick and easy breakfast of vanilla yogurt with strawberries!  Yogurt is always my go-to when I need a quick breakfast!  Today on my marathon training schedule calls for a four mile run, how up to that I’m going to feel tonight, I don’t know.  Let me reiterate though, I wasn’t drinking last night and I’m not hungover, if I chose not to run this evening it’s because I’m still feeling yucky.  My philosophy on working out while sick is a grey area.  I believe you SHOULD workout if you’re feeling up to it, if you want too.  I don’t feel like you should force yourself to workout while sick because of a training plan.  With that all being said, I don’t know if I’ll actually run tonight.  I’m hoping to but we’ll see how I feel come 7:30!  I hope to pop in tonight and give y’all a move update as well as a workout update, but with the craziness of today I can’t promise! Happy Sunday and go Broncos!


Question of the morning:  What is your philosophy on working out when you’re sick?

Fall is in the air

Or at least it’s in my mouth?  Pumpkin Pancakes for breakfast baby!  I’m not sure what happened to my post from last night it somehow got lost in the hustle of the world wide web.  Let me give you a small recap of it, I’m not feeling to well and I think it might be a combination of working so much, school and stress.  Luckily yesterday was a rest day and I spent the night at home eating grilled cheese and tomato soup and watching “Friday Night Lights” yes, I do live quite an exciting life!

It might be 85 degrees out but I’m forcing myself into the fall spirit via pancakes!  I bought a box mix of pumpkin pancake mix from Trader Joe’ Thursday night and used that to whip them up in no time!

cookin cakes!

There was plenty of batter left over but I only cooked up three to avoid eating 6 or 7 pancakes which I would so be capable of doing!

syrupy goodness

The pancakes were delicious and I demolished them in no time! They satisfied every fall craving I had and I can’t wait for our first rainy day to make them! I didn’t get in the gym this morning because I’m still not feeling so hot! I’m glad today is just 30 minutes of cross training so I’m hoping to make it their later for a light workout!  I’m hoping I’ll still be game for my four mile run tomorrow!

Yesterday, Natalie wrote a post about her bucket list and it inspired me to make my own!  I’ve always had an idea of “bucket list” items but I never really sat down and wrote them out!  I’m vocal about my goals and dreams with my family and friends and thought I should share them with y’all!  I’m such a believer in making goals and striving to obtain them!  I love having goals for everyday things because I love the feeling of accomplishing them in the end!  So here is my list:

1. Graduate College.

2. Get married.

3. Swim cage-free with sharks.

4. Teach in Africa for a year on a missions team.  (I’m Christian and rooted firmly in my faith.)

5.  Run a half-marathon.

6. Go to an Elton John Concert.

7. Shake hands with the President.

8. Hear someone call me “Mom”.

9. Run a full marathon.

10.  Travel to all 7 continents.

11. Drive the entire length of Route 66.

12. Live in another state.

13. Get my Master’s degree in Psychology.

14. Adopt a child.

15. Run the Boston Marathon.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to the list as time goes on but this seems like a good starting point.  Nothing excites me more than being able to check huge goals off and I’m beyond excited that I’ll be able to draw a line through “Run a Half Marathon” in January!  I love that quote by Eleanor Roosevelt.  It’s so true.  The future does belong to those who believe in their dreams!  Wise words Mrs. Roosevelt, wise words!

What are some of your bucket list items?  Have you crossed any of yours off your list?


viva la scramble!

I woke up this morning craving something mexican food inspired and decided on a scramble!  I had brown rice left over from last night and knew that would be perfect in a bowl!  I’m all for including non-breakfast foods into breakfast meals and rolling with the punches!  Todays scramble included left over brown rice, black beans, mushrooms and egg whites.  Yep, I know I have nothing of the Mexican food category in this scramble I was going to add salsa but whatdya know we were out. Sad face.  Salsa always seems to be in the refrigerator when I don’t need it but when I want it in my breakfast it is suddenly gone! 

A glass of Naked Blue Machine rounded out the meal!  I don’t know why I seem to make meals that look so unappetizing in photos but again, I promise you it was delicious!


Now lets talk motivation!  I’ve shared a little bit about my motivation for wanting to run a half marathon!  Besides being one of the items on my bucket list I’m also doing it to keep myself focused and to have something to look forward to finishing and, of course, having the feeling of training for so long and accomplishing such a huge goal by crossing the finish line.  I’ve shared on my blog that something in my personal life happened that it pushing me to do this, mainly for the focus.  I believe in being honest and open on here and I’ve been debating about sharing but I believe I should, sooo here goes!  A friendship, relationship what ever you want to call it recently ended for me.  Usually friendships ending while yes sad, don’t get me down as much as this one did.  I’m not going to lie and say I am not incredibly hurt and upset.  He, yes a male, was one my closest friends, we just about shared everything with each other and nothing made me more happy than hanging out with him.  I’m scared to admit this on here because I know some people who are familiar with the situation might read this, but I loved this guy.  It ending was completely devastating to me and I’m trying to pick up pieces and move on.  Which brings me to staying focused, training for this marathon and writing this blog along with my crazy busy work schedule has helped me to not focus on what happened and what could have been but just to focus and be in the moment.

Sorry for such a sap of a blog post but I just felt like I needed to share that piece of information with y’all!  I’ll be back around lunch. See ya on the flip side!


Question of the morning:  Have you ever had something happen personally that motivated you to do something?