thank you baby jesus for the foam roller

Tonight would be my last night of whatever workout my heart desires because tomorrow starts my first day of marathon training!  I’m following Hal Higdons novice 1 plan for running a half-marathon 12 weeks out even though I’m about 16 weeks out!  I’ve been running three or four times a week already and let me tell you, the pressure in my calves is off the charts.  Lemme tell you ’bout my best friend…the foam roller! I can’t believe i just discovered this bad boy!

mah new best friend

Pardon the dim lighting and the sweaty face, I just didn’t have it goin on tonight!  Last week I could barely walk let alone run from the pressure in my calves and Clarence, my trainer at 24(the gym I use), introduced me to this bad boy and he(the foam roller) has been a life saver!  I’m hoping that this small problem doesn’t rear it’s ugly head during my official training but if it does I’ll just roll with the punches!  I’ve also been icing like crazy…

ghetto ice bags

yes, those would be frozen peas. Gotta make do with what I got, plus they’re reusable! Heyooo eco friendly!
I should probably share what motivated me to run this half marathon in the first place!  Besides being healthy and active, which is first and foremost for me, I guess you could say I was going through a 20-life crisis and a lot of things were changing and falling apart for me.  You’ll definitely hear more about what fell apart as I get comfortable sharing personal life details on my blog, but anyway back to why I wanted to do this.  I suppose it was a motivation to accomplish something, to start something and finish it, and finish it strong.  I’m honestly so proud of myself for actually signing up for this and putting in the commitment to run and you know I’m beyond excited to share this journey on my blog!

And with that, this sore girl is off to bed, it’s been a looong, exhausting day emotionally and I can’t wait to hit the hay!  See y’all in the morning after my first official training workout!

Oh, and one more thing…Chargers are 2-0 for the first time since 2006.  I’m way to stoked!  Denver better follow suit!  Night y’all!

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