Running: It’s good for the body, it’s good for the soul!

Sorry for comin atchya with such a late blog post but today has been off the hook crazy!  I didn’t even make it to the gym till 10 p.m tonight!  (I work retail and therefore close many nights a week which leads to my looney hours.) But lemme recap the day for y’all starting with lunch!

Because today got off to such a slow movin’ start I chose to get lunch as I wrapped up my morning errands.  Bring on da chipotle!

yum yum in my tum tum

Notice the aqua green SHEET in the pictures, yes I did eat my lunch in bed as I scrambled to finish an essay that’s due, oh you know tomorrow!  But anyway, back to lunch!  Chipotle is by far one of my most favorite places to eat!  I don’t consider it fast food and that just makes me all the more happier!  (Even though it was, or is, owned by the McDonalds Corp.) In my burrito bowl I had: Brown rice, hold the beans, chicken, a little sour cream, tomatoes, corn, lettuce, a teeny bit of cheese and then I doused it in their dressing which I could rave about for hours!  That was lunch.  Immediately after I consumed my midday meal my day was nothing but Go-Go-Go, but sometimes I like it like that!

And now for the reason I write on my blog, my workout!  Today was day two of half-marathon training!  My first three mile run of official training and might I just say I kicked this runs butt!  I forgot to take a picture of my stats (yes, I ran on a treadmill tonight because I’m to terrified to run at night by myself) but I’ll definitely make sure I do tomorrow!  But I did take a picture of my sweaty face after…please excuse the awfully red and sweaty face.

supa dupa sweaty

I never realized how much better I would feel after a run.  Today, while busy was also very emotional for me. I’m dealing with something in my personal life (I promise to elaborate in the very near future) and I couldn’t shake the feeling of sadness today.  Everything I saw or did reminded me of someone but it was so nice to get in the zone tonight and run! Running truly is good for the body and good for the soul!  I’ll see y’all tomorrow for breakfast? Okay, I don’t work till 1 so I might sleep in so then I’ll see y’all for lunch!

2 thoughts on “Running: It’s good for the body, it’s good for the soul!

  1. Hi Kelsey, Congratulations on your journey and good luck. Will be following diligently. What the heck is a foam roller. NO PIC!!!

    • Thanks Dale! A foam roller is this huge (not that huge, but big) log looking thing that is compacted foam and you can use it and your own body weight to relieve pressure in muscles! It’s become mine and my calves new best friend!

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