This girl is growin’ up!

Today is a big day in my life!  I officially signed my lease and will be moving out of my parents house on Monday!  You best believe I’m excited. Mama, if you’re reading this…I still love you and will be back for the holidays! 🙂 I’m actually moving back to my “hometown” which is about 16 minutes south of my current location in Mission Viejo…Hello Costa Mesa, I’ve missed you!  I’m so excited to be back where all my friends are!  The church I regularly attend is also located in the CM and I’m looking forward to getting a little extra sleep on Sunday mornings!  But lets back tract to breakfast shall we!  Because I had quite the bevy of things to do this morning breakfast came in a liquid form!  Starbucks Carmel Macchiato fo me please!  I’m quite the Starbucks drinker and am a proud gold card holder!  The Starbucks I regularly attend knows my name and drink order!  I’m special.

yummy cold goodness

Not to make you think I don’t eat, I also had a large bowl of yogurt with raspberries and blueberries that I inhaled before I thought to take a photo!

I unfortunately didn’t have time to make an early morning gym run because of everything I had to do before I work tonight but I’ll be going tonight for my second run of training, two miles and some strength and stretching!  I’ll make sure to snap a picture of my stats this time! 🙂  I’ll be transitioning to running outside next week because my goal is to get up at 5 to run in my new neighborhood,  I currently live in a gate community but with the risk of coyotes and just all around creepy people I prefer not to run in my neighborhood after dark which is why I’ll be doing my runs on the treadmill for the next week! I’ll be back later with a lunch and workout recap, see y’all in a bit!


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