Bloggin on the move!

Good morning from Starbucks!

love this place!

I’m blogging on the move today and I’m jamming out a blog post while I grab my morning cup of joe.  I told y’all I have a serious addiction to Starbucks!  I’m taking a cue from Natalie and adding lots of pictures to my posts today, hopefully I don’t photo overwhelm you! Side note- My Starbucks this morning is bumpin’ and I got a bunch of crazy looks for people as I took a photo of myself holding my Starbucks cup, but hey it’s the life of a blogger!  Breakfast this morning was a stick to your ribs keep ya full till lunch breakfast and I love that feeling! I’m a huge fan of Naked Juices, yes I know they’re controversial on the health side but they are darn delicious and I will enjoy them till the no longer produce them! I love that juicy goodness!  I buy the big bottles at Costco and they usually last me about two weeks depending on my consumption rate!  My taste buds really dig the blue machine and the green machine!  Strawberry banana isn’t half bad either!  The only one I’m not a fan of is the protein zone. Yuck!  I hate when I can taste protein powder!  Unfortunately, I can’t live on juice and the stick to my bones part of breakfast was oatmeal!

steel cut goodness

Trader Joe’s makes the easiest and best heat in the microwave kind of steel cut oatmeal!  They come two oatmeal rounds to a box and I usually have three or four boxes on hand in my freezer on the daily!  I used to just eat oatmeal plain but lately I’ve been trying to incorporate fruit or nuts into the bowl to kick it up a notch!  Today’s fruit of choice was raspberries!  I love these little berries and they give the gooey oatmeal a cold sour punch!
I’m working a mid today at work and then I’ll be hustlin to the gym to get in my run before 10 p.m! Oh, the life of retail! I have so much to do with moving this weekend…can you believe I haven’t even started packing?  I am seriously the worlds best procrastinator, I even created a word to describe my shopping habits at Christmas time. Yes, I am a severe “procrastisanta” and you can often find me shopping for gifts on Christmas eve!  I’ll be back with a post around 3!  See y’all then!


P.S:  I’m trying to get more consistent with my blog post times!  I think I just came up with a solution, bear with me folks I’m new to this whole shindig!




2 thoughts on “Bloggin on the move!

  1. Love the new pics! I am actually training for my first half marathon as well! The date is set for Dec. 1st.

    i’m absolutely loving it so far…hows training going for you?

    • Ah just around the corner…kind of! Good luck! I’ll definitely be rooting for you! So far training is going well! I’m loving how much I’m running but I’m having a huge problem with built up pressure in my calves and the pain becomes almost unbearable when I’m running…did you experience that? If you did, do you have any tips for helping? Speaking of tips, have any just in general?

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