Oh My Lanta! My Calves are on fire!

Tonights run was a toughie!  I thought I was never going to hit two miles and I was pretty darn certain my calves were going to burst into flames at any moment!  But before I cover the workout, lets do dinner?

Like I said before, I work retail which means working whack job hours.  For example, I didn’t leave my store tonight till 10 p.m which also means no cooking meals at home for me!  Yes, I do know I can pack a lunch but I somehow always find myself rushing to run out the door to work and I can’t seem to throw something together and I lack a lunchbox currently.  Have no fear though, my goal for next week is to pack a meal every day!  Okay, so I’m going to try my hardest because with moving and everything else going on my world is going to be a tad crazy! Today’s dinner was absolutely fabulous and satisfied every single one of my taste buds.  Half of a mozzarella prosciutto sandwich and a side salad topped with the best balsamic vinaigrette dressing you will ever have from the cafe in my store!

how good does this baby look?!

You might have already guessed this but yes I do work at Nordstrom!  I love the cafe and I always try to choose a healthy option for my meals, for example: a half sandwich and half salad or a cup of soup and half salad.  Their tomato basil soup is on point!  Now on to my run! The second day of training is a shorter two mile run and by all heaven was I glad it was only two miles.  I have never felt pain in my calves like I did tonight.  It made the run extra challenging and my time a little slower.  The whole time I was running I kept repeating mantra’s in my head, my favorite being “It’s okay to feel uncomfortable” which I got from Julie.  I guess I was trying to make myself think the pain I was in was just me being uncomfortable, but sadly it was just straight up pain!  But what ever gets me through the run, right?!  I promised I would remember to take a picture of my stats and guess what!  I remembered! Snaps for Kelsey!

About a 12 minute mile, not to shabby for the immense pain I was feeling in my calves!  I’m hoping to find some miraculous cure for this issue, so if any of y’all know something holla at your girl so I can get back to running my 9:30-10 minute miles!  Wow, this issue is slowin me down!  But seriously, holla if you know of some way I can make this problem go poof!  Goodnight y’all, see ya in the mornin!

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