Fall is in the air

Or at least it’s in my mouth?  Pumpkin Pancakes for breakfast baby!  I’m not sure what happened to my post from last night it somehow got lost in the hustle of the world wide web.  Let me give you a small recap of it, I’m not feeling to well and I think it might be a combination of working so much, school and stress.  Luckily yesterday was a rest day and I spent the night at home eating grilled cheese and tomato soup and watching “Friday Night Lights” yes, I do live quite an exciting life!

It might be 85 degrees out but I’m forcing myself into the fall spirit via pancakes!  I bought a box mix of pumpkin pancake mix from Trader Joe’ Thursday night and used that to whip them up in no time!

cookin cakes!

There was plenty of batter left over but I only cooked up three to avoid eating 6 or 7 pancakes which I would so be capable of doing!

syrupy goodness

The pancakes were delicious and I demolished them in no time! They satisfied every fall craving I had and I can’t wait for our first rainy day to make them! I didn’t get in the gym this morning because I’m still not feeling so hot! I’m glad today is just 30 minutes of cross training so I’m hoping to make it their later for a light workout!  I’m hoping I’ll still be game for my four mile run tomorrow!

Yesterday, Natalie wrote a post about her bucket list and it inspired me to make my own!  I’ve always had an idea of “bucket list” items but I never really sat down and wrote them out!  I’m vocal about my goals and dreams with my family and friends and thought I should share them with y’all!  I’m such a believer in making goals and striving to obtain them!  I love having goals for everyday things because I love the feeling of accomplishing them in the end!  So here is my list:

1. Graduate College.

2. Get married.

3. Swim cage-free with sharks.

4. Teach in Africa for a year on a missions team.  (I’m Christian and rooted firmly in my faith.)

5.  Run a half-marathon.

6. Go to an Elton John Concert.

7. Shake hands with the President.

8. Hear someone call me “Mom”.

9. Run a full marathon.

10.  Travel to all 7 continents.

11. Drive the entire length of Route 66.

12. Live in another state.

13. Get my Master’s degree in Psychology.

14. Adopt a child.

15. Run the Boston Marathon.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to the list as time goes on but this seems like a good starting point.  Nothing excites me more than being able to check huge goals off and I’m beyond excited that I’ll be able to draw a line through “Run a Half Marathon” in January!  I love that quote by Eleanor Roosevelt.  It’s so true.  The future does belong to those who believe in their dreams!  Wise words Mrs. Roosevelt, wise words!

What are some of your bucket list items?  Have you crossed any of yours off your list?


3 thoughts on “Fall is in the air

  1. Great minds think alike, my friend! I had pumpkin pancakes for breakfast yesterday, too! I hope your feeling better today. As for your bucket list, I think number 4 is super cool, if you drive Route 66 you will come to my state (just sayin’!), and I think you are absolutely insane for # 3! 😉 Happy Sunday!

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