It’s Moving Day!

Good morning!  I’m currently typing this post while sitting on the floor of my old bedroom!  My bed, clothing, furniture, and all my other junk was moved to my new apartment this morning! Yippee!

moving day!

It feels so strange knowing that tonight I’ll be sleeping in my own bed, but I won’t be in “my” room…well my old room.  I’m also having a really hard time emotionally today, not because of being sad about moving because believe me I’m stoked but because the one person I should be celebrating with tonight…I won’t be.  Rough day today.  Let me recap last night for a sec! I’m still not feeling 100%, actually I’m not even feeling 50% so I didn’t make it to the gym for any sort of workout like I hoped!  I did, however, feel well enough to go out to celebrate my longest and dearest best friends birthday.  A group of 15 of us rented a party bus and bar hopped in downtown Fullerton, all was going well until somebody dumped their entire drink on my pants.  Needless to say I called my friend Adam and went home. Such an exciting surprise though and I was so glad I got to be apart of it!  birthday girl!Say Hello to Camille, the birthday girl!  My apologies for the blurriness, iphone + drunken photographers makes for some interesting photographs!
Besides moving today, I also work a closing shift.  My day has seriously been non stop since I got out of bed this morning!  I decided for a quick and easy breakfast of vanilla yogurt with strawberries!  Yogurt is always my go-to when I need a quick breakfast!  Today on my marathon training schedule calls for a four mile run, how up to that I’m going to feel tonight, I don’t know.  Let me reiterate though, I wasn’t drinking last night and I’m not hungover, if I chose not to run this evening it’s because I’m still feeling yucky.  My philosophy on working out while sick is a grey area.  I believe you SHOULD workout if you’re feeling up to it, if you want too.  I don’t feel like you should force yourself to workout while sick because of a training plan.  With that all being said, I don’t know if I’ll actually run tonight.  I’m hoping to but we’ll see how I feel come 7:30!  I hope to pop in tonight and give y’all a move update as well as a workout update, but with the craziness of today I can’t promise! Happy Sunday and go Broncos!


Question of the morning:  What is your philosophy on working out when you’re sick?

4 thoughts on “It’s Moving Day!

  1. So funny, I just moved this past weekend & was sick last week & not working out…similar stages in our life! I try to at least take 1 or 2 days depending on how bad my symptoms & if I think I’ll spread germs. Sleep seems to be my best cure for illness. Good luck with the move!

    • I swear I always get sick right before a big life event! I’ve decided moving and being sick is the worst combination on earth. I took three days off just because I physically felt exhausted and could not fathom working out but I’m craving a workout today! Yay! Hope your move is going well and that you’re feeling better!

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