Happy Monday!

Happy Monday y’all!  Last week was one crazy week and this weekend was even crazier!  I officially spent my first night in my new apartment!  I feel like such a grown up! I wanted to pop in after my shower and before my day started at full speed to share a story and show you some of my new digs!  Sadly, when I got off work last night I just was not feeling well enough for the gym. I pretty much felt like I was dying.  Sooo, I passed on the gym.  I was however, feeling well enough for dinner at work…enter a half of a Parmesan chicken sandwich from the cafe upstairs! That salad is the bomb dot com.  The picture doesn’t give it any justice.  If you’ve never been to a Nordstrom cafe, I suggest you go there for lunch…today. And that you order this.  The salad gave me just enough fuel to power through the rest of my shift.  The craziest part of my night happened to be the most horrible too.  I was coming home (to my new apartment) when I witnessed what was likely the worst accident I’ve ever seen.  I witnessed the two second aftermath.  Lucky for me and my life I didn’t see the accident actually happen because I most likely would have been in the accident.  This guy in a white pickup truck was speeding down a side street when he hit a parked pick up truck and launched it into oncoming traffic.  Luckily, nobody was coming the opposite way and the empty truck struck a tree and the pick up truck with the man flipped and skidded to a halt. I made a right hand turn on this street maybe half a second after the first impact.

straight craziness

The driver was able to climb out of his truck on his own but was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. The rumor is that he was going about 50 mph down a street with a 35 mph speed limit and was possibly drinking and driving.  Perfect example of why you should NEVER drink and drive.  He’s thankful to be alive, and that the truck he hit was empty.  I’m thankful I missed the accident too.  Looks crazy from the picture right, even crazier in person!


Moving on from the horrible, I have the day off today…yay!  I’ll be spending it unpacking, not so yay.  I’m feeling somewhat better but my body is craving a workout and you know what that means for me…that I’m physically feeling well enough to hit up the gym and bust out a workout and thats just what I’ll be doing around 3 p.m.  I’ll be popping in later!  Hope y’all have a fabtastic Monday!  See you later!

2 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. omg what a CRAZY accident!! Seriously, people are insane drivers. I got hit by a crazy lady about a month ago and I’m still dealing with the whole thing. I LOVE Nordstrom Cafe too, that place is so good!

    • Accidents are the worst! I was in one in January and I still have horrible flashbacks to it! This guy was nuts, he shouldn’t be allowed to have a license! Isn’t it the best? For being in a store they make damn good food. And their “Nordstrom Cookie” is ahhhmazing.

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