And it’s Pneumonia…

Notice I didn’t pop in yesterday?  My apologies to anyone who did notice!  Yesterday while working I started to feel like I was dying, I don’t know where it came from but at one point in the afternoon I literally thought I was going to keel over at any moment.  Yes, I’m exaggerating (can’t help it, it’s what I do) but really I don’t remember the last time I felt this sick.  Anyway, I made it through the day and home without dying, although I thought I lost my mind for a quick second when I was repeatedly pressing unlock on my car remote at the elevator and getting frustrated when nothing was happening.  At that moment I knew I just needed to get home and sleep.  I wanted to pop in and at least share something but my body was telling me “SLEEEEEP I NEED SLEEEEP” and I just couldn’t find the energy to even look at my computer!  Needless to say when I woke up this morning and felt even worst I knew I needed to pay a visit to my doctor!  Well two hours later I had my diagnosis…Pneumonia for this girl! So hear I am, after mustering up the energy to run a few errands I’m about to plop down on the couch with a cup of this stuff… and a DVR loaded with Friends re-runs!  I’m a little irritated because this is totally derailing my training, aside from the 35 minute workout I suffered throughenjoyed on Monday I haven’t been able to workout.  I’m hoping I can kick this pneumonia’s butt and be back to training on Monday.  And in addition to be irritated that I’m missing out on training I’m irritated that I’m sick 3 days before this…

Go Fest 2012

Can you read the sign? Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan on Saturday baby! I better be feeling a thousand percent better by then so I can get my country party on!  Keep your fingers crossed for me y’all!  I’ll definitely be back for an evening post tonight!  See ya then!  Almost forgot, I’ve mentioned how much I LOVE football but I forgot to mention how much I hate the Oakland Raiders, in honor of my hate for them I leave you with this silly little photo!

2 thoughts on “And it’s Pneumonia…

  1. Omg get better soon! 😦 I’m sick as well, but it’s just a ton of mucus and phlegm…so luckily I’ve still been halfway function-able. I’ve definitely been packing in the oatmeal, saltines, and jello though.

    • Get better soon, too! Being sick is not the business 😦 Luckily, I woke up feeling a hundred times better…I still have a nasty cough though..yuck! Nothing tastes better then jello when you’re sick…or at least I think so!

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