Two recaps, One post!

Happy Saturday Y’all! Guess what today is…Go Fest! Just a short five hour shift stands in my way of a huge country party.  I am counting down the minutes!  Conspicuously absent yesterday? Yes, I was.  I had just about the craziest day ever and I will spare you with the details of the chaos because frankly I’m sure you do not care.


Lets rewind to Thursday Night: This happened 🙂Froyo is pretty much my weakness and I will pretty much eat it at any given time.  I also am secretly a 5 year old and top it with cereal, brownies, and nutter butters.  Un-healthiness for the win!  But you know what else happened…That happened.  An AMAZING workout.  I was beginning to doubt that I would ever have a satisfactory workout again after my pneumonia but I took an afternoon nap and when I woke up BAM I was craving a workout! Oh it felt so great to sweat!  Do you ever feel like you might never have an amazing workout again and then all of a sudden it just happens?  Such a great feeling!  Three miles were completed that night.  Yes, the froyo was my reward 🙂 I’m into that kinda stuff!  I’m still learning how to take selfies in the mirror so I apologize for looking like a complete tool, I’m tryin y’all! Thursday was also such a fab night because my friend who left for Air Force bootcamp in May and I hadn’t seen since then came home for leave and we all gathered for a jacuzzi sesh which was music to my sore muscles ears!


Friday, Friday: The day of craziness!

Friday started off in the way that I felt like my adequate venti sized ice coffee wouldn’t do so I kicked it up to trenta (told you I love Starbucks) but I was still left feeling like I could use more caffeine and I was wishing I could just pump it straight into my blood.  I always know a day is going to be madness when I start off feeling that way!  For breakfast I was craving waffles…again, and peanut butter so I set out to make myself a peanut butter banana wafflewich but was so disappointed when I discovered I was out of pb, blasphemy I know, so instead I settled for a grape jam wafflewich, and while not exactly what I was craving it satisfied me for the morning.

i’m lovin waffles

See that winter sweater I’m wearing in the above picture?  Well it was well over 85 outside but because we’re dressing for the season in retail which meant looking like a complete tool.  Customers are always in shorts and tee-shirts while us employees are always rocking pants, boots and sweaters!  Craziness, no?  On the bright side though, we firmly believe in keeping the building at a chilly 33 degrees so I’m always nice and comfortable.  Kidding about the 33 degrees, it’s cold though…really cold!  And because it was my first “selfie” on instagram I leave you with this…Mastering the photo taking while driving skills!  Have an instagram? Follow me…kelseyfinch!  I won’t be back for an evening post tonight because I’ll be shakin it for Luke Bryan but I’ll see y’all in the morning with plenty of pictures don’t worry 🙂  Have a great Saturday!

What’re are YOUR fun plans for this glorious Saturday?

6 thoughts on “Two recaps, One post!

  1. You are so adorable! I love your hair, it’s gorgeous.
    I’m such a fan of nutter butters, one of my favorite cookies! And I definitely have to go to yogurtland soon, I haven’t been since they stopped with the Hello Kitty spoons 😦 haha

    • aw thank you! 🙂 They’re delicious aren’t they? Im a fan of any cookie that has peanut butter in it! Yes you haven’t been in a long time! Yogurtland on me if you live in southern california! nobody can go that long with out some froyo deliciousness 🙂

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