One More Day Till Friday!

One more day till Friday, one more day till Fridaaayyy!  That is the song I’ve been singing in my head all morning! I’m really looking forward to this Friday one, because I don’t close at work and two because it’s my old high schools biggest football game of the season!  No, I’m not talking about Homecoming I’m talking about Battle of the Bell against our cross-town rival. I still live in the town I went to high school in so it’s always super fun to go back for the big football games.  I’m going with my friends Shannon and Andrew and I’m pretty sure there will be tons of alumni there, pictures will follow on Saturday! 🙂 My morning started off on a great note!  I originally set my alarm for 5 am but ended up snoozing it till 5:30.  I wanted to get my run in early today because after work this evening I know I’m not going to want to get it in.  Before heading off to the gym I gave myself a little fuel via a power crunch bar.  I’m currently sampling a variety of power bars because I can’t seem to find one I love.  I think they all taste like chalk.  All you power bar lovers are probably cringing right now, huh?  Well send some power bar suggestions my way and I’ll be happy to try them out!

pb is always good!

My verdict for this little guy…good but not great.  It didn’t taste as chalky as I usually think they do and I liked the candy bar like taste but I’m not sold.  I’ll be back on the hunt for a delicious power bar.


My past three runs have been calf pain free and I thought I had finally beat the excruciating pain but I knew when I woke up this morning and I could feel the tightness in them that it was back.  And I was right.  I admit I almost just gave up on the idea of getting to the gym at that moment, but because I had already interrupted my sleep and trudged my way to the car I decided to push through.  I’m so glad I did!  I felt good on my run, I stopped more frequently then I had been but that was just to get a little stretch in there.  After the three miles passed I felt like I could have easily gone for four.  Sunday will be four miles and is my second farthest run in marathon training.


I’m currently blogging from Starbucks and breakfast this morning came courtesy of them!  For actual food I chose a peach and raspberry yogurt parfait. Delicious!  Starbucks you always please me!  I told y’all I’m a huge Starbucks fan! And because I know how crazy this day is going to be…or because I feel like it will be, Trenta Iced Coffee fo meI’m sure the amount of caffeine in this drink is going to have me bouncing off the walls today!  Sidenote: I’m contemplating signing up for the Turkey Trot in Huntington Beach but I’m not sure how I feel about running a 10k on Thanksgiving morning.  Mostly I just want to dress up like a turkey and get a race in before my half-marathon but I’m still on the fence. What do you all think?  Have any of you ran in a turkey trot?  Share with me!  I’ll be back later with my self esteem Sunday update!


What are your plans for Friday? 

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