A Humbling Yoga Experience

It’s been a full week of Courtney’s yoga challenge and it’s been a great one! I’ll give you my recap in a sec but lets cover the basics first!  Breakfast came in the form of yogurt this morning! I’ve been really into greek yogurt and have been buying Chobani every time I’m at the grocery store so when I saw that yoplait was on sale I decided to change it up a bit and go the traditional route!  I love flavored yogurt and key lime pie is on point.  It’s one of my favorite desserts so I’m not surprised I love it as yogurt for breakfast! This week is off to a fabulous start because it’s cloudy out and chilly!  They’re even calling for rain on Thursday!  Notice anything about this photo?  Yes I’m wearing a fleece! Freaking finally!  I’ve been waiting for the moment fall weather hits oh since, July!  I’m wearing it all day in honor of this fall style weather.  After my workout I had errands to run aka peruse the aisles of Target for things I don’t need. Starbucks iced coffee gave me the fuel for my excursion.  I’m not sure how well it’s displayed but I tested out a new headband today, a Zella one from Nordstrom.  I have an oddly shaped head and headbands tend to fall fling off my head when I’m running.  Verdict on this one: A plus plus plus!  I ran four miles and it didn’t budge once even when my hair was sweaty sweaty!  For ten dollars this headband gets two thumbs up from me!  And speaking of workout, because of a late night last night I ran my distance run this morning.  Four miles for this girl today! My calves were feeling good but somewhere around mile 2 I started getting a dull ish pain in my back, not sure where it came from but it lasted until I stepped off the treadmill.  Maybe I have bad running posture?  Any of you runners out there wanna help a sista out and give me some clues as to why this might be happening.  I have plans to take a body pump class this evening but with the way the weather is I might just end up curling up on the couch watching Friends.


October Yoga Challenge

Week one: Complete!  I’m really glad I decided to participate in Courtney’s challenge.  The stretching I get from yoga is really helping the other areas of my workouts, including my training.  I used to do hot yoga five or six times a week but pushed it to the side when I started working more, I loved it but finding the time became a challenge.  This week I took 3 hot yoga classes.  I attend the Intro to power yoga at a Corepower studio near my house.  The room is slightly heated and I love the feeling of being drenched in my own sweat at the end. (how gross am I, right?)  I took 3 hot yoga classes this week and my body felt amazing!  I missed the early morning class this morning and was a little bummed till I found out my gym offers yoga at 10 which put it right after my run.  I consider myself a decent yogi and have no problem getting through a hot yoga class but this morning was tough.  I was dead after the class.  I rarely stop and this morning I found myself in childs pose multiple times.  I’m not sure if it was because I had just ran four miles or what but I felt weak.  It was totally humbling for me to get my butt kicked in a form of exercise I consider “easy.”  I was feeling it today y’all.  I’m pumped for the next 4 weeks though and hope that this challenge inspires me to continue to make yoga a priority!


I’m off to do some laundry and possibly take a nap, I’m so thankful for days off!  I’ll be back lata 🙂


How’s your Monday going?

6 thoughts on “A Humbling Yoga Experience

  1. I’m another Chobani addict–it’s so good! My favorite flavors include pomegranate and apple cinnamon. It’s starting to cool down here, too; it’s definitely boot weather, which I love. In terms of your back, I’d try stretching before and after you run. It could also be soreness from yoga. Speaking of which, glad you’re enjoying the challenge so far! It’s been more than one year since I’ve been to a class, and I’m finally going Wednesday night! 🙂

    • Ooh apple cinnamon?! My market doesn’t have that but I’ll now be on the hunt for it! Thanks for the advice, I stretched this morning and I didn’t have back pain! I’m glad you’re going, have fun enjoy your class! 🙂

  2. I think I need to invest in one of those Zella headbands.. I have the same problem. BIC bands are also great but theyre a little more expensive. Oh and you totally reminded me that I had a Groupon for Yoga than I need to start using! I used to go to power yoga all the time and I miss it dearly

    • Zella is great! They come in so many colors! I’ve heard about BIC but I can’t find them in any store and paying for shipping and handling just doesn’t seem worth it to me! Ah yoga groupons are like gold to me! I love finding them!

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