It’s Tuesday?

When I thought of the title of this post I seriously typed “Monday Funday” into the subject bar and then thought that can’t be right. Clearly it’s been a long day, but a good day! And it’s Tuesday not Monday which means one day closer to Friday 🙂 Before I tell you about my delicious dinner let’s rewind to last night! I ended up meeting up with 3 of my close friends for an ice cream date around 9.  I told y’all I live for ice cream and froyo.  After devouring eating our ice cream we all decided it was a perfect night for a spontaneous hike.  Yes, I said hike. and yes it was 10 p.m.  If you’ve never been on a night hike I recommend you round up the troops and plan one ASAP.  They’re amazing.  Especially when you reach the top and look out at all the city lights.  Personally I’m a city lights type of girl, I’d take that view over an ocean view any day. Call me crazy, it’s cool.  Anyway, we ended up at the top of this hill and the view was breath taking.  The hike itself wasn’t hard, I was breathing deeply when we got to the top though.  The climb was pretty much vertical to the top.  Okay, I’m exaggerating but it was pretty steep! Look at this view…and this view…Loved the spontaneous adventure with my friends!  We’re definitely going to have to make night hikes more of a weekly thing! 🙂


But now lets move on to today, which is Tuesday in case you’re like me and forget the days of the week! I opened this morning at work and knew I had dinner plans this evening so I started the day with an early morning gym sesh.  3.5 miles for me! It’s back to pain in my calves, not unbearable as it has been but pretty stinkin’ painful.  I just ordered a pair of compression sleeves off Amazon and I’m hoping those will help with the pain!  Breakfast this morning was an old standby…yogurt, in the car as I drove to work.Yogurt for breakfast is always delish 🙂  But now let me tell you about this AMAZING place I had dinner at tonight!  I met up with an old friend from high school who I hadn’t seen in oh, two years.  She chose the place we were going to and I was excited to try something new.  Gyu-Kaku is where we ended up.  Don’t ask me the correct pronunciation of the name because I have no clue!  The restaurant is korean?  I think and you sit at tables with grills in the middle and cook your own food. Kind of like this…source

That isn’t our table but it’s exactly how it looked and now you’ll get the full picture!  We ordered garlic noodles as an appetizer and split them.  For our main course we ordered two different types of beef, one more think and the other more like bacon, garlic shrimp, and zucchini.  They bring the food to you raw and you’re in charge of cookin’ it up!  It’s such a fun atmosphere and cooking really opens up the conversation, not that we were struggling, but there’s just something about cooking that brings out conversation.  It’d be a great place for a date!  We plowed through our food and decided to treat ourselves to some dessert!  It was girls night out, why not!  I failed to snap photo’s of our actual food as I was to involved in conversation but remembered for dessert.  We ordered smore’s to cook over the fire! Yum! This place was seriously so fun and I can’t wait to go back!  I’m off to bed, early workout on the books tomorrow!  See ya in the a.m!

11 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday?

    • Graham crackers need to come in pringles style containers! I love them and they always get crushed in my lunch 😦 Yay for going hiking! Have so much fun! 🙂 I’ve only had time for one class, this morning, but I’m loving doing it! I’ve been sore all week and I don’t think it’s from my runs…must mean yoga is doing something for my body! How’s it going for you?

      • I haven’t had much motivation this week 😦 I think it’s because I’m scared of Jillian! I’m going to try to do an online video this afternoon.

      • I wouldn’t want to do yoga with Jillian either, that woman is scary! Hopefully the video does wonders and you’ll be back in the yoga spirit!

  1. I’m totally subscribed to your blog but for some reason your latests posts haven’t showed up on my reader!! Well I’ll read them all now hah 🙂 Oh and by the way, I also live for anything resembling ice cream.. so we should be best friends. I eat it for dinner sometimes. And out of the carton with a fork if we have it in the house.

    • Seriously isn’t ice cream the greatest thing on this earth?! I could eat it for every meal of the day, no joke and sometimes I eat it for dinner too! Obviously we should be best friends! haha!

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