Rockin’ Riptide Sushi!

It’s been a crazy weekend over here!  I feel like I’ve been going since Saturday morning!  It’s nice to be able to sit down and blog tonight!

Last night, after work, a co-worker and I decided to head across the street to Rockin Riptide Sushi.  This place knows how to make sushi fun!  They have regular tables, tepan tables (they cook in front of you) a sushi bar, and a full on bar.  So many choices! We opted for a table and quickly started drooling looking over the menu! So Soooo many choices.  For my main meal I chose the Kings Roll, basically a crunch roll with radish sprouts and then baked salmon on top! Talk about delicious. photo(2)I also got a side of fried rice because you really can’t go to a Japanese restaurant and NOT get fried rice.  Here’s a look at all 3 of our rolls: GetAttachment

Soooo good and I can not wait to sample different items off their menu!!


It’s Sunday so no workout over here but I did make pancakes!  There is something about pancakes on the weekend that just makes the day feel special.  It’s a breakfast you definitely have to put some time into.  I used a simple Trader Joes dry mix and tossed in half of a smashed banana just for fun!  The addition of the banana was fabulous though and made the cakes unique! photo(3)Delicious cakes!  Plans for the rest of my Sunday night include watching some Law and Order: SVU and getting to bed early!  See y’all tomorrow!


Question for you: How was your weekend?! Tell me something fun you did or something amazing you ate!

11 thoughts on “Rockin’ Riptide Sushi!

    • I haven’t! Honestly if I made I learned to make it myself I’d probably never eat anything else! It always seems like such a fun group thing or date night idea, I mean if only I could find a boyfriend hah.

  1. I’m not a sushi person usually, but I’m trying to really make an effort and expand my horizons! By the way, just sent you an email about Southern California – my company has a position opening up and I’m debating the pro’s and con’s of applying for it!

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