Goodbye Winter Break!

And just like that winter break is officially over and I’m back to school.  How did it go by so quickly? I’m actually quite excited about my classes this semester so I don’t mind to much that it ended so quickly but shh don’t tell anyone that might make the semester seem longer!

I knew I needed to start my day off with a good stick to you ribs kinda breakfast and I knew the perfect meal to deliver that!  Oatmeal to the rescue!  Some plain oats, a sprinkle of brown sugar, a spoonful of pb, and some sliced banana made for a delicious breakfast.  photo 1(1)

In the words of Rachael Ray “yummo.”


2 classes down for this Wednesday afternoon and I was feeling some “me” time aka I wanted a manicure.  I popped into my favorite place and fulfilled my want!  I love the gel manicures so much, mostly because working retail you’re constantly banging into everything and your hands get pretty beat up but with gel it lasts through everything!  I’m a fan. This time I went with a brown-ish color called “Over the Taupe”  I’m not sure I’m digging it, what do y’all think? photo 3(1)Speaking of gel manicures, this morning while making breakfast I happened to catch some of the news and low and behold they where talking about gel mani’s and the dangers of getting them.  I was immediately intrigued because I honestly could not think of a reason that any aspect of the process would be dangerous.  Sure if they used dirty tools and you got some sort of infection that would be dangerous and down right gross but my salon is beyond clean, what could be the danger?  Turns out that little UV light you shove your hands in to to cure the gel is a mini tanning bed for you fingers.  I haven’t noticed my fingers getting any darker though haha! As with any UV light there comes the risk of skin cancer.  I stay out of tanning beds for that reason but I honestly never thought that little UV light at the nail salon could cause the same skin cancer as a giant tanning bed.  Hmm something for me to definitely think about when getting my mani’s from now on and some food for thought for you!


I have an amazing cupcake recipe to share tomorrow so make sure to check back 🙂

Question for you:

  • Do you get gel mani’s?
  • Did you ever think of the risk of possible skin cancer?
  • Will you continue to get them or does this information make you think twice?

8 thoughts on “Goodbye Winter Break!

  1. No way will I stop getting my manis for that! I think that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard haha, I mean seriously… it’s a little UV light and your hands are there for like 5 minutes… ok, not worried, at alll!!

  2. When I paint my nails, they barely last one week, so I get manicures for only special occasions. One of my aunts gets those gel manis frequently; she loves it!

  3. I’ve never heard of a skin cancer risk from getting a mani/pedi! Bizarre.
    Your nails are super cute, though! I keep wanting to try brown nail polish but am too cheap to buy it! haha

    • I hadn’t either until the news brought it up! They always have to make a mountain out of a molehill! Thankyou, the color is growing on me. haha I can only find brown in OPI or Essie and I’m not about to pay 10 dollars for just nail polish when thats how much a regular mani costs!

      • That’s exactly how I feel! (Plus I just plain suck at painting my own nails)

        It was really strange to me, because I was in Brazil last year and nail polish was SO cheap there. Literally less than half of the price of the stuff here in the States, and I think it’s a much higher quality. I definitely stocked up. 😉

      • it totally looks like I had a seizure mid painting when I do my own nails. Definitely not attractive!
        Seriously?! Maybe I need to start importing nail polish from Brazil! I have found that you can find some good deals on Amazon!

      • Oooh, not a bad idea! I’d be wary of the cream (“creme”) based ones, though – they are super thick and I was totally not expecting it! The finished product looks nice, but I found the polish difficult to apply and take off.

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