Could This Really Be My Career?

Breakfast this morning was a Saturday classic:  Pancakes and a cup of joe!  I picked up strawberries this week and decided they’d be a perfect addition to my lovely breakfast!photo(15)

Sorry for the absense this week, it’s been a pretty busy one!  Last week I talked about a big interview I was going to be having and first I’d like to thank you all for the encouragement, it means the world and secondly I wanted to share with y’all what it means for me and my future, I figured I couldn’t leave y’all hanging with just that little tease.   I’ve shared before that I work for Nordstrom, and if you know anything about the company or you don’t, they like to promote from within which is a great business practice! Well, let me back track a little bit…I’ve worked in the retail world for almost 4 years now but I never considered it much of a career, I mean I was going to college to become a teacher.  But as I’ve been working for Nordstrom over the past half a year I’ve sort of fallen in love with the company and I’ve expressed interest in growing with the company.  Ultimately, my goal is to be a handbag buyer…in Seattle.  Well a couple weeks ago my department manager encouraged me to apply for the Retail Management Internship, basically it’s a program for college students on the verge of graduation who intern with a department manager and learn the “ropes” of the company and ultimately when you graduate from the program you’re placed in an assistant manager position in a department. Fast trackin’ it!  My interview is today and I’m crossing my fingers it goes well!  If you’re still reading this and not bored to death, thank you! Can’t wait to share more of this journey with y’all! See ya later!


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