I’m Kelsey!  I’m a 20 something college student, born and raised in Orange County, California! Hello year round gorgeous weather!  I have an intense love for football and Peyton Manning. I say y’all way to much and tend to talk with my hands as much as my mouth! This blog follows my love for running, food, my life and the people in it. Expect some crappy iPhone photos, occasional cursing and way to many cupcake recipes!  I’m glad you stopped by!

8 thoughts on “About

      • Haha, I’m sure it will make sense later on 🙂 I have a BA in Journalism. Just trying to find a job right now or think about going back to school. Which school do you go to right now?

      • Awesome! I always considered journalism but in the end decided I wanted to teach! Are you thinking about going back to grad school? I actually sort of have the semester off, I just needed to take one psych class so I’m taking it online through Orange Coast College and I’ll be at Biola University in the spring!

    • I feel like I’m the only person in the blog world who uses iPhone photos but I’m glad to know I’m not alone! It’s actually raining here and it plans to for the next week or so but I’ll take a rain over snow any day! Hopefully the snow isn’t to bad for y’all!

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