Monday’s are my buys busy days so I typed this little blog post up last night so you’d have something to read today 🙂  Thank you to Claire for blogging this survey yesterday, it was just the inspiration I needed.


Current Book(s): I just finished “The Kennedy Detail” .  I’m a huge history fan, it is my major after all, and I loved this book. If your into history, are a fan of the Kennedy family, or like a little conspiracy theories this is a good read! KennedyDetailCover


Current Music: All I’ve been listening to is my Toby Keith Pandora station…time to get ready for Stagecoach!


Current Guilty Pleasure: The Bachelor is back! Mmm love me some Sean! imagesDon’t even pretend you aren’t drooling right now.


Current Nail Color: Still rockin’ that taupe color I wasn’t so sure about. Turns out, I’m still not sure about it. photo 3(1)


Current Drink: Water!

Current Favorite Show:  Big Bang Theory! The-big-bang-theory-cast-the-big-bang-theory-29119592-2500-1667


Current Wish List: A boyfriend? Just kidding, just kidding. I’m totally obsessing over this handbag, but it’s just a tad out of my price range by like 1,400 dollars.  Working in handbags makes you handbag crazy!_7529885

Current Needs: When you’re reading this, I’ll be in class so I’m sure I’ll be “needing” sleep!

Current Celebrity Crush :  Love me some Ryan Gosling.ryan-gosling-cover-nologo

Current Indulgence: So much food last night!

Current Blessing:  Having a job, and a job I love.  I have so many friends who can’t seem to find jobs and I’m so blessed to have a job that pays well and that I love so much.

Current Outfit:  Running leggings and a sweatshirt.  Standard school apparel. Also known as my uniform!

Current Excitement:  I’m getting more and more excited for my trip to Hawaii at the end of march, it’s the final countdown!


Thanks for reading, I’ll be back with your regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow! Happy Monday, enjoy your day!

Reader Questions: What are YOU currently doing?



Pancakes, Goals, and Some Football

Are you ready for some foooooootball?! Happy Super Bowl Sunday y’all!  I’m pretty sure that today should be a holiday and I should have the entire day off, plus a paid holiday…don’t you think so?  I can’t wait to eat, drink, and enjoy the game.

This morning for breakfast I went with a favorite, pancakes!  I decided to try the 2-ingredient pancakes that have been popping up all over the blogosphere.  I love bananas and I’m already a fan of mashing them into my full pancake batter and I like eggs so what the heck, why not!  I mashed one whole banana in a bowl and combined it with a whole egg.  I was left with a somewhat thick batter that I then poured into a heated pan.

cookin' cakes

cookin’ cakes

Either I’m a complete idiot or these pancakes are just really hard to flip (someone tell me they’re just hard to flip) and it ended up taking 2 spatula’s to flip it and even then it turned out janky…yum.  I used up all the batter which made a whopping 2 cakes, k at this point I’m just annoyed with flipping both of them.  Alongside my cakes was some strawberry yogurt and the standard cup o’ joe! photo 2(12)The verdict:  They’re okay.  As a girl who loves light and fluffy pancakes these just didn’t compare. But for just being egg and banana they’re pretty stinkin’ delicious! I’m a fan (kinda).


February Goals

The second part of this post is inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Emily!  If you haven’t check out her blog yet, get to it she’s one fabulous lady!  I usually make a list of goals in my head each month but as the month carry’s on I tend to forget them and I tend to forget to check back on my progress so I’m hoping that if I write them down here, then y’all can keep me accountable!

1. Keep in touch with everyone. School is back in session and I’m working. Basically, I’m busy. really busy. When I get busy I tend to block friends and family out and that is no bueno.  I need to make a conscience effort to keep in contact with them and with all of you!

2. Donate Blood. Random-ish. But I’m all for saving three lives.

3. Turn off by 10 p.m.  A good one from Emily. I tend to come home, get on my laptop, read blogs, browse Pinterest, Facebook, you know that kinda of stuff and before I know it, it’s midnight.  I’m trying to workout in the morning more often and getting to bed earlier will make it easier to rise with the sun.

4. Get up early to workout. I’m talkin’ 6 a.m workout. yikes, my sleep loving self is in a panic right now.

I’ll check back in with y’all in mid-month so we can see how well I’m sticking to these goals and then I’ll recap them at the end of the month…sound like a plan? Good!


Reader Questions: What are your February goals?

TGI Friday’s on Friday

Irony right?  I feel like I never go to TGI Friday’s on an actual Friday, it’s usually Sunday or some random week night. But last night we settled on some amazing happy hour there.  If you’ve never been to happy hour there its basically the jam, all appetizers are half price and full mugs of beer are $3.50. Bomb.

I went with 2 appetizers that are part of their Right Portion Right Price selection.  BBQ chicken flatbread pizza photo 1(12)and shrimp cocktail photo 2(11)Simple but out of this world good.  I couldn’t leave without ordering one of their delicious desserts though, I mean I was enjoying my night out so why not!  Strawberry 3(8)Lets just say I left feeling very, very full!



Breakfast was an old stand by. TJ’s waffles with lite syrup and a cup of coffee on the side.  photo 4(3)I ate half a cup of strawberry yogurt while I waited for my waffles to toast. Simple breakfast but it totally hit the spot.


Kelsey Runs is now on Facebook!! I finally bit the bullet and made the blog a Facebook page! Go me!

I’m also still tweeting and you can find me at @kelseyruns13


Saturday plans include making another batch of s’more bars for tomorrow, work, and a super sweaty workout.

Happy Saturday y’all! Enjoy your days!

Gorgeous Friday!

Happy Friday to y’all! It’s another gorgeous day over here in California.  For all y’all dealing with cold and snow…I wish I could bottle up the sunshine and send it your way!


I was fortunate enough to have two days off in a row this week! Holla! Thank you Nina 😉 Breakfast today consisted of oatmeal and a cup of coffee.  I stirred in some frozen strawberries to give my oatmeal some pizzaz! After breakfast I headed to the gym for a super sweaty workout.  I started on the treadmill with this workout:  photo(7)

**I wish I could link back to where I originally found this workout but it’s just in my phone as a photo.  If this is your workout, PLEASE let me know so I can give you credit!**

Honestly, I was never one who changed up my treadmill workouts.  I would set it at 6.0 or 6.5 and then run. After my injury I wasn’t able to run fast or for very long and I found that changing up my the speeds lets me run farther for longer.  I am a fan.



It’s one gorgeous day over here and I took full advantage of the summer like weather to bust out the barbeque and grill up some chicken and veggies.  I marinated the chicken, during breakfast and while at the gym, in balsamic vinaigrette and popped it on the grill.  Along side I tossed some zucchini in olive oil, salt and pepper and put that on the grill alongside the chicken.  I microwaved some left over rice I had from dinner last night. Delish. photo 3(7)Some Naked juice was enjoyed alongside!  I usually don’t get to have such a large lunch, in fact I usually don’t get to enjoy lunch at home, so this was a real treat and an awesome start to my weekend! Hope ya’ll having an awesome Friday!

Reader Questions: What are your plans for the weekend?

Tomorrow I work, but Sunday I plan to take full advantage of Super Bowl Sunday!

Smoothie Time!

It might be January but it sure felt like summer today! And summer calls for one thing, I mean besides the beach and frozen cocktails…SMOOTHIES. Just like you won’t find me drinkin’ a hot mocha during the summer, I’m not one to drink smoothies in the cold of winter.  Thank you to the gorgeous So Cal weather for allowing me to enjoy my smoothie mid-winter.  Lunch was a fabulous smoothie, love the strawberry banana combo.  photo 3(6)

Strawberry Banana Summer Smoothie
  • scoop of yogurt (vanilla and strawberry combo for this girl.)
  • handful of frozen strawberries.
  • one banana broken in half.
  • splash of almond milk.

Blend everything in a blender till you achieve your desired consistency 🙂


Sooo…who’s excited for the Super Bowl?! This girl over here is!  Granted the Ravens and the 49-ers are not my favorite teams but I’m excited for this game. Ray Lewis gets a shot at his very last Super Bowl in his very last season. Colin Kapaernick took over mid-season as the 49ers QB and is leading them to a Super Bowl and last but not least, the Harbaugh brothers are facing off in the biggest game. It’s going to be a good game and I’m excited.  Besides you know the actual game the second best part of game day is the food and drinks! I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite game day eats!

fa11ec94e965ef63473ac3ecdacd94a2Buffalo Chicken Bites


Buffalo Chicken Nachos

6a826dc5c316621b95f04b46ab9d2f3f7 Layer Dip


b8c3003dc02cfdcb76304ebfe041ccf9Football Whoopie Pies

The links under the photo’s are direct links to the recipe’s and their sources!  I think I’ll be making the nachos and whoopie pies and maybe enjoy a margarita or two 😉 T-MINUS 2 DAYS!

Reader Questions: How will you be celebrating the Super Bowl?  Any special recipes you’re going to use for game day?

I’ll be celebrating the Super Bowl at a family friends house.  I’ll be guaranteed a good game, good food, good drinks, and great company!

*Side Note: Is anyone else who’s blog is hosted by wordpress having problems?  I’m getting emails about comments that aren’t on my blog but on someone elses.  Anyone else experiencing difficulties?

Sunshine Award!

I interrupt our normal scheduled blogging to bring you the Sunshine Award! Thank you to Kate  for nominating me, after a long and exhausting day it definitely brought a smile to my face! sunshine-awardDa rules:

If nominated, you must include a link in your blog to the person who nominated you.  You must answer some questions about your self and then choose 10 bloggers to nominate.  Link them in your blog and inform them you nominated them. Ready. Set. Go

I’m not feeling particularly creative tonight so I’m going to re answer Kate’s questions: Here we goooo!


1.) Who is your favorite philosopher? My nerd side is about to come out.  My favorite philosopher is John Locke, he is credited with the basic fundamentals of democracy and our founding fathers took his views and made them the views of our country. And I mean, who doesn’t love democracy?

2.) What is your favorite number? 13. I was 13 every year of soccer and softball and my birthday is April 13th.

3.) What is your favorite animal? Sharks. sharkseat1

4.) What are your Facebook and Twitter? My blog doesn’t have a Facebook, but you’re more then welcome to add my real one…Kelsey Finch <<<my name. I am on twitter but I suck at tweeting, kelseyruns is where you’ll find me. I also instagram alot, kelseyfinch.

5.) What is your favorite time of day? I love night time. I love coming home, changing, making dinner and just relaxing. That is the bees knees.

6.) What was your favorite holiday? FOURTH OF JULY!

IMG_0212I know you’re all totally rolling your eyes right now because who loves a holiday that isn’t Christmas, this girl right here!  I love spending the entire day of the fourth at the beach with my favorite people and then watching fireworks at night!

7.) What is your favorite physical activity? I love running but I’d take hiking any day. 30609_1135141596700_1772151422_249922_6932425_nThrowback to high school when my senior class hiked 11 miles into the grand canyon for our senior trip!

8.) What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Apple Juice.

9.) What is your favorite flower? Sunflowers. Love them!

10.) What is your passion? My one passion? Shoot I don’t have just one!  I’m passionate about my family, my friends, my faith, my job, school, my relationships, and healthy living!

And now my nominations for the Sunshine Award are:

1. Kate @ paprik4te

2. Claire @ Keeping Up With Claire

3. Carrie @ Fitness and Frozen Grapes

4. Natalie @ Free Range Human

5. Emily @ Have Your Cake and…

6. Alex @ Cookie Dough Katzen

7. Sarah @ Sarah’s Doodles

8. Sarah @ Picky Runner

9. Hollie @ Fueled By LOLZ

10. Abby @ The Workout Chick

Question for you: Answer any of the questions from above! 🙂

S’mores Cookie Bars!

Holy cookie do I have an amazing recipe for you! If ya’ll haven’t noticed baking is my jam!

S’mores Cookie Bars

recipe adapted from



Whatchya’ll need:

  • 2 cups all purpose flour.
  • 2 cups graham cracker crumbs.
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder.
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt.
  • 2 sticks un salted butter, softened.
  • 1 1/2 cup lightly packed brown sugar.
  • 2 large eggs.
  • 2 cups Marshmallow Fluff
  • 2 bars Hershey’s Chocolate.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Line a 9×13 inch pan with foil leaving a 2 inch overhang on the short sides.  Grease the foil and set it aside.  In medium bowl combine the flour, graham cracker crumbs, baking powder and salt.  In large bowl, using an electric mixer on medium speed beat butter and sugar until creamy.  Beat in eggs until well combined.  Slowly beat flour mixture into butter mixture.  Divide the dough in half.  Press half the dough into pan until dough is flat and pan is covered. Spread marshmallow fluff over the layer of dough.  Spread broken chocolate pieces over the fluff.  Scatter remaining dough over in clumps.  Bake until golden brown. 30-35 minutes.  Once cool, remove from pan, peel off foil and cut into bars.


A Terrific Tuesday!

Hey y’all!  Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday, lets just say being at school for 12 hours and then working till after midnight didn’t give me much time to blog let alone eat, basically I had a crepe with jam. Nutritious right?


Today is my day off all around. No school. No work.  Key the relaxation and staying in bed all day. Wrong.  Today has been actually on the busy side, but the good kind of busy! I started the morning off with a 2 mile run outside,  it’s finally not raining and warming up and I was itching for a run outside.  I had a good amount of errands to run and after showering off I headed out to start the day.  First a stop at my favorite place, Starbucks.

Caramel Macchiato goodness

Caramel Macchiato goodness

coffee cake!

coffee cake!

Sooo not healthy, but sooo good! I hit up Target for some necessities but somehow ended up with oh, way more crap then I needed, or want. tumblr_md4ustAItu1qh5n42o1_500Does anyone else feel this way too?  I swear I can’t go to Target and buy just one thing.  Please tell me I’m not crazy!!


Lunch was s classic. Sloppy Joes! My modified sloppy joe recipe, some Alexia Chipotle sweet potatoe fries, and a banana on the side! photo 2(7)Yay for lunch at home!  Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, friends!  I’ll be spending the rest of my afternoon drooling over Sean watching last nights Bachelor episode. Side note, Tierra needs to go. ASAP

Question for you:

  • Target, love it or hate it?
  • Do you watch the Bachelor?  Who are you rooting for!





Slow Start Sunday

Usually my Sunday’s get off to an early and quick start but this morning when my alarm went off at 8 I just wasn’t feeling getting out of bed and decided to snooze it for an hour till 11.  Oops.  But Hey! Sometimes your body just needs the extra sleep, and with all the germs floating around work the risk of getting sick is high so I wanted to make sure I gave myself plenty of rest!

After finally getting out of bed I figured a grocery trip was in desperate need, I was low on the essentials. And basically I wanted an excuse to get Starbucks.  Breakfast was an un pictured Grande skinny caramel macchiato and a spinach feta wrap!  I had an inspiration for a mid week meal at the grocery store and I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to share the recipe with you guys!


Lunch came together in a flash thanks to some fish and roasted in veggies in the refrigerator that needed to be used up! Lightly seasoned and pan cooked for a couple minutes each side=deliciousness!  Some rice on the side and a great lunch was made! photo(5)

I’m looking forward to being lazy today!  Hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday’s!  See ya!


Question for you:

  • What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday?

I love Sundays during football season!  Nothing beats gathering at a friends for games, good food, and good drinks!

Breakfast is the best!

Lets quickly talk dinner last night so I can get to breakfast!

Dinner was a remake of Thursday nights dinner.  Leftovers are the bomb. I think food tastes so much better after sitting in tuperware over night.  Pasta casserole reheated with an un pictured bowl of carrots and broccoli!  photo 2(6) I worked last night so in between customers I snacked on a tiny bowl of Wheat Thins!  My favorite!


My favorite meal of the day just happens to be breakfast so I was extra jazzed about a breakfast date with my Dad this morning! We headed to a local favorite, Sugar Shack, on Main St. in Huntington Beach!  For a rainy Saturday there were a surprising amount of people out and about!  This place is classic breakfast food at it’s finest.  Their pancakes rock my world.  I ordered a short stack of pancakes and an egg over medium on the side! photo 3(5)The standard cup o’ joe, too! Clearly I was starving, ate a bite out of my egg before I paused to take a picture. Attractive, right?  (Side note:  I’m working on persuading myself to buy an actual point and shoot camera so these jankidy photos can bounce!) My dd had the HSS special, which was basically a standard breakfast sandwich with potatoes on the side!  I can say mine was delicious, and his looked good!

Plans for today include work, laundry, and some rainy day laziness!  Happy Saturday, friends! 🙂

Question for you:

  • What is your favorite meal?
  • Is there a “standard” breakfast food you always order?

I always get pancakes or french toast.  I know I can make both at home, and probably healthier versions, but I LOOVE ordering them at restaurants!