What I’m lovin’ Wednesday!

Claire reminded me today that it’s the last week of September.  Holy cow is it really already October?  Where has this year gone?! Don’t get me wrong, I loooove this time of the year,  I consider October the un-offiicial start of the Holidays and I’m so excited to get my decorating on!  I’m already in full on Halloween costume planning and debating on what should be this years costume, currently I’m in between Katy Perry and the rainbow fish from that children’s book! Soo that brings me to the first thing I’m loving right now…I’m totally loving the fact that it’s almost October which will mean Halloween will be in full swing in just under a week.  Can’t wait to get this holiday season in full swing!  And you know I’m over here hoping that the first week of October will bring cooler temperatures to Southern California and it’ll start feeling like fall! Yes, I am getting my hopes up and I’m hopin’ I’m not disappointed!

I’m also currently loving the fact that today is Wednesday which means I only have three days and two shifts at work to get through before I get to be reunited with these guys Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan! Remember last weekend when I celebrated my friend Camille’s birthday?  Well we’re continuing the celebration this weekend at Go Fest!  I saw these two at Stagecoach this past April and I just can’t get enough.  I’ll be bustin out the cowboy boots and getting my country on all Saturday night!  I’m also sayin’ my prayers that I’ll be feeling a thousand times better come Saturday, cross your fingers for me!

And the third thing I’m lovin this Wednesday…MY BLOG! I feel like I’m finally finding my groove with this whole bloggin thing and I couldn’t be more happy!  I look forward to popping in, to hearing what y’all have to say and connecting with other bloggers, Hi Natalie! I’m slowly gaining the courage to share with people in my life, so far I’ve told my parents, my best friend Chelsea and my other best friend Shannon…my goal is to share the link on my personal Facebook page before my race, wish me luck!


I’m off to enjoy some more soup and Friends re-runs before hitting they hay!  See ya in the morning!

What are three things you’re loving today?