Matinee Movie Day and Great News!

Happy Wednesday y’all!  Sorry for the absense, it’s been such a crazy past couple of weeks I feel like I barely have time to breathe!  Anywayyy…

Tuesday began with some banana filled breakfast!  A bowl of steel cut Trader Joes frozen oatmeal with sliced bananas on top. Side note: have y’all tried this stuff? Heaven in a freezer.  I’m a sucker for steel cut oatmeal and having it ready in 3 minutes is a definite plus!  On the side I also enjoyed a slice of homemade banana bread-can’t go wrong with a banana packed breakfast. photo 1(17)

I had the day off and so did my favorite co-worker, Erin so we decided to hit up the luxury theatre for a midday movie matinee!  Same awesomeness as seeing it at nighttime but 5 dollars cheaper! Score!  photo 2(16)You’re welcome for that awesome quality iphone photo!

We decided to see Zero Dark Thirty, being a history major I was super intrigued by the whole raid in general and was excited to see the movie!  Have you seen it?  I thought it was good, not great but good!  There were times I found myself covering my ears from the sounds of the blasts! Overall I give it 2 thumbs up!

In other news…

Thank you all so much for your encouragement about my interview!  I have good great news to report, I’m officially an intern at Nordstrom.  I got the call during the movie this afternoon and happily accepted!  I can not wait to see where this journey takes me!  Who knows,- I might be coming to one of y’alls cities!

Lastly, I am sooo sore from body pump! Lordy I’ve never been this sore before.  It’s mostly my lower legs, I’m doing the half penguin half pregnant waddle and it’s super attractive! I’ve slathered my legs with icy hot but nothing seems to be helping ugh!

See ya later alligators!

Reader Questions:

  • Have you seen Zero Dark Thirty? What’dya think?
  • What do you do when you’re sore?

Could This Really Be My Career?

Breakfast this morning was a Saturday classic:  Pancakes and a cup of joe!  I picked up strawberries this week and decided they’d be a perfect addition to my lovely breakfast!photo(15)

Sorry for the absense this week, it’s been a pretty busy one!  Last week I talked about a big interview I was going to be having and first I’d like to thank you all for the encouragement, it means the world and secondly I wanted to share with y’all what it means for me and my future, I figured I couldn’t leave y’all hanging with just that little tease.   I’ve shared before that I work for Nordstrom, and if you know anything about the company or you don’t, they like to promote from within which is a great business practice! Well, let me back track a little bit…I’ve worked in the retail world for almost 4 years now but I never considered it much of a career, I mean I was going to college to become a teacher.  But as I’ve been working for Nordstrom over the past half a year I’ve sort of fallen in love with the company and I’ve expressed interest in growing with the company.  Ultimately, my goal is to be a handbag buyer…in Seattle.  Well a couple weeks ago my department manager encouraged me to apply for the Retail Management Internship, basically it’s a program for college students on the verge of graduation who intern with a department manager and learn the “ropes” of the company and ultimately when you graduate from the program you’re placed in an assistant manager position in a department. Fast trackin’ it!  My interview is today and I’m crossing my fingers it goes well!  If you’re still reading this and not bored to death, thank you! Can’t wait to share more of this journey with y’all! See ya later!


Grammy Glamour

Sunday morning started off with a breakfast date with my mom!  O-hop (Original Pancake House)  is one of my favorite breakfast places and I was excited that we’d be going there!  I ordered the western omelet with: onions, peppers, ham and cheese.  I went with their world famous pancakes on the side and some fried potatoes!


Raise your hand if you watched The Grammys! I honestly don’t think about them any other day of the year but on Grammy Sunday I’m all about them!  I love the red carpet and seeing everyones gowns!  Some of my favorites were: Carrie-Underwood-In-Roberto-Cavalli-2013-Grammy-AwardsCarrie Underwood

and The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red CarpetTaylor Swift.

I thought Carries gown looked gorgeous on her!  The detailing was out of this world!  Taylor is always one of my favorites on the red carpet!  She always picks the most gorgeous gowns and this white one is fabulous!  For the men I thought Justin Timberlake looked so handsome, I mean come on who doesn’t love some 30’s style glamorThe 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - ArrivalsAdorable.

What’d y’all think of Beyonce rockin’ the black and white jumper?  I know they had a dress code but this is kinda of conservative for Beyonce.  I have to say if anyone could pull it off it was Beyonce! beyonce_2013_grammys_red_carpet_18hghpb-18hgi8q

I loved all the diversity in performances but I have to say Ed Sheeran and Elton John was my favorite!  Love me some Elton John.  The Bob Marley tribute was also top notch!  I don’t usually use my blog as my soap box but I’m going to right now; I was extremely extreeeemelyyy disappointed that Rhianna attended and cuddled with Chris Brown.  It was four years ago that Chris Brown was arrested for domestic violence for beating her.  Believe me I’m all for forgiveness and moving on but being such a public figure I think you need to be careful.  The message it sent to her fans was that domestic violence is okay, and she has a lot of young fans who are very impressionable. Sorry for that rant but I felt it was necessary!

The rest of my night will be spent watching The Bachelor and giving myself a pedicure.  Enjoy your night!

Reader Questions:

  • What did you think of The Grammys?
  • How do you feel ab0ut the Rhianna/Chris Brown situation?

Saw It, Pinned It, Did It

Happy Friday everyone!  tumblr_m5o9kbD0T31qfa5u3o1_500

I love Fridays, even though I work retail and there isn’t really a concept of weekends Fridays are still my favorite! This morning I woke up to the sound of pouring rain and hail, yes hail. In Southern California. Global Warming at it’s finest. Due to the cold weather I really didn’t want to get out of bed but the thought of warm pancakes encouraged me a little.  Thanks to my awesome thinking self yesterday, breakfast came together in a flash because of some frozen pancakes and the microwave. Yay! photo(12)My cup of coffee was extra awesome today thanks to my new caramel macchiato creamer I picked up at tarjay last night! 🙂 Win.


I’m going to assume everyone knows what Pinterest is unless you live under a rock you are way to busy to spend time perusing the web.  Anyway, as I was pinning my life away last night I was thinking about all the things I pin; food, weddings, baked goods, crafts, and cat pictures and I realized I don’t actually do anything I pin. And it got me thinking, I spend all this time pinning things and they are things I’d either eat or do so why not actually put the recipes to use in real life. and then lightbulb I decided to give myself a little Pinterest challenge, and then I thought Hey! I wonder if my blends would like to get in on this challenge. Soo I propose to you, a pinterest challenge. Yay or nay?  I’m thinking the “rules” are from February 9 (Tomorrow) to March 9 (that would be one month) you should challenge yourself to making 5 recipes or doing 5 workouts you pinned on Pinterest. On March 10 we can all link up and do a re-cap.  What do you say? You in?  (Please feel free to share this challenge with your readers as I think it would be super super fun for everyone.)

Some recipes I’m interested in trying are:


Creamy Tortellini Soup


d17241292441d376cb30d8bb2d033821Zucchini Lasagna


e4b374f9ed79756fa764cfd492135afdTurkey and Feta Stuffed Peppers


Reader Questions:

  • Are you up for the Pinterest Challenge?
  • What is something you want to make?

Oatmeal and The Bachelor.

One heck of a creative title there, huh?  After a chilly early morning workout on the treadmill, thank you to everyone who agrees that the elliptical is a torture device, I came home looking for a warm breakfast. Bring on the oatmeal, I have class and work today so the oatmeal is doing double duty…keeping me warm and keeping me full till lunch! I used Quaker quick oats? (I think thats what they’re called) and stirred in some brown sugar! photo(10)Mid class today I sensed a strong craving for an egg salad sandwich and I knew I’d need to get one before I went to work.  Luckily I planned on typing this blog post at Starbucks and they fulfilled my egg salad craving. Love those guys! photo(11)



Raise your hand if you love The Bachelor.  I’ve proudly seen every episode of The Bachelor and Bachelorette! So lets talk this two-parter.  I’m a big fan of Leslee, Lindsay, Desiree, and Catherine. I’m not a big fan of Tierra, that girl brings a whole new kind of cray to The Bachelor.  I honestly thought the two episodes were “eh” the biggest excitement was laughing at there stupidity for jumping into glacier water and then having Tierra get hypothermia (that wasn’t funny) but duh, what did y’all expect?  I did however find myself tearing up when Sean sent Sara home early, that girl was such a sweetheart and really put herself out there and watching her cry on tv just made me want to cuddle her. So I cried. Not much of a re-cap but nothing really memorable happened. oops. But i’ll leave you with this…BCZcSegCQAEItyVsource

That gem came courtesy of my fave ex-Bachelor contestant, Ashley Spivey!

Reader Questions:

  • Do you get random cravings in random places like class?
  • Who are your favorites on The Bachelor?
  • Share your thoughts on the season with me! 🙂

Oh, and one more thing…What if I told you I know who wins this season? 😉

Pancakes, Goals, and Some Football

Are you ready for some foooooootball?! Happy Super Bowl Sunday y’all!  I’m pretty sure that today should be a holiday and I should have the entire day off, plus a paid holiday…don’t you think so?  I can’t wait to eat, drink, and enjoy the game.

This morning for breakfast I went with a favorite, pancakes!  I decided to try the 2-ingredient pancakes that have been popping up all over the blogosphere.  I love bananas and I’m already a fan of mashing them into my full pancake batter and I like eggs so what the heck, why not!  I mashed one whole banana in a bowl and combined it with a whole egg.  I was left with a somewhat thick batter that I then poured into a heated pan.

cookin' cakes

cookin’ cakes

Either I’m a complete idiot or these pancakes are just really hard to flip (someone tell me they’re just hard to flip) and it ended up taking 2 spatula’s to flip it and even then it turned out janky…yum.  I used up all the batter which made a whopping 2 cakes, k at this point I’m just annoyed with flipping both of them.  Alongside my cakes was some strawberry yogurt and the standard cup o’ joe! photo 2(12)The verdict:  They’re okay.  As a girl who loves light and fluffy pancakes these just didn’t compare. But for just being egg and banana they’re pretty stinkin’ delicious! I’m a fan (kinda).


February Goals

The second part of this post is inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Emily!  If you haven’t check out her blog yet, get to it she’s one fabulous lady!  I usually make a list of goals in my head each month but as the month carry’s on I tend to forget them and I tend to forget to check back on my progress so I’m hoping that if I write them down here, then y’all can keep me accountable!

1. Keep in touch with everyone. School is back in session and I’m working. Basically, I’m busy. really busy. When I get busy I tend to block friends and family out and that is no bueno.  I need to make a conscience effort to keep in contact with them and with all of you!

2. Donate Blood. Random-ish. But I’m all for saving three lives.

3. Turn off by 10 p.m.  A good one from Emily. I tend to come home, get on my laptop, read blogs, browse Pinterest, Facebook, you know that kinda of stuff and before I know it, it’s midnight.  I’m trying to workout in the morning more often and getting to bed earlier will make it easier to rise with the sun.

4. Get up early to workout. I’m talkin’ 6 a.m workout. yikes, my sleep loving self is in a panic right now.

I’ll check back in with y’all in mid-month so we can see how well I’m sticking to these goals and then I’ll recap them at the end of the month…sound like a plan? Good!


Reader Questions: What are your February goals?

TGI Friday’s on Friday

Irony right?  I feel like I never go to TGI Friday’s on an actual Friday, it’s usually Sunday or some random week night. But last night we settled on some amazing happy hour there.  If you’ve never been to happy hour there its basically the jam, all appetizers are half price and full mugs of beer are $3.50. Bomb.

I went with 2 appetizers that are part of their Right Portion Right Price selection.  BBQ chicken flatbread pizza photo 1(12)and shrimp cocktail photo 2(11)Simple but out of this world good.  I couldn’t leave without ordering one of their delicious desserts though, I mean I was enjoying my night out so why not!  Strawberry 3(8)Lets just say I left feeling very, very full!



Breakfast was an old stand by. TJ’s waffles with lite syrup and a cup of coffee on the side.  photo 4(3)I ate half a cup of strawberry yogurt while I waited for my waffles to toast. Simple breakfast but it totally hit the spot.


Kelsey Runs is now on Facebook!! I finally bit the bullet and made the blog a Facebook page! Go me!

I’m also still tweeting and you can find me at @kelseyruns13


Saturday plans include making another batch of s’more bars for tomorrow, work, and a super sweaty workout.

Happy Saturday y’all! Enjoy your days!

A Terrific Tuesday!

Hey y’all!  Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday, lets just say being at school for 12 hours and then working till after midnight didn’t give me much time to blog let alone eat, basically I had a crepe with jam. Nutritious right?


Today is my day off all around. No school. No work.  Key the relaxation and staying in bed all day. Wrong.  Today has been actually on the busy side, but the good kind of busy! I started the morning off with a 2 mile run outside,  it’s finally not raining and warming up and I was itching for a run outside.  I had a good amount of errands to run and after showering off I headed out to start the day.  First a stop at my favorite place, Starbucks.

Caramel Macchiato goodness

Caramel Macchiato goodness

coffee cake!

coffee cake!

Sooo not healthy, but sooo good! I hit up Target for some necessities but somehow ended up with oh, way more crap then I needed, or want. tumblr_md4ustAItu1qh5n42o1_500Does anyone else feel this way too?  I swear I can’t go to Target and buy just one thing.  Please tell me I’m not crazy!!


Lunch was s classic. Sloppy Joes! My modified sloppy joe recipe, some Alexia Chipotle sweet potatoe fries, and a banana on the side! photo 2(7)Yay for lunch at home!  Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, friends!  I’ll be spending the rest of my afternoon drooling over Sean watching last nights Bachelor episode. Side note, Tierra needs to go. ASAP

Question for you:

  • Target, love it or hate it?
  • Do you watch the Bachelor?  Who are you rooting for!





Breakfast is the best!

Lets quickly talk dinner last night so I can get to breakfast!

Dinner was a remake of Thursday nights dinner.  Leftovers are the bomb. I think food tastes so much better after sitting in tuperware over night.  Pasta casserole reheated with an un pictured bowl of carrots and broccoli!  photo 2(6) I worked last night so in between customers I snacked on a tiny bowl of Wheat Thins!  My favorite!


My favorite meal of the day just happens to be breakfast so I was extra jazzed about a breakfast date with my Dad this morning! We headed to a local favorite, Sugar Shack, on Main St. in Huntington Beach!  For a rainy Saturday there were a surprising amount of people out and about!  This place is classic breakfast food at it’s finest.  Their pancakes rock my world.  I ordered a short stack of pancakes and an egg over medium on the side! photo 3(5)The standard cup o’ joe, too! Clearly I was starving, ate a bite out of my egg before I paused to take a picture. Attractive, right?  (Side note:  I’m working on persuading myself to buy an actual point and shoot camera so these jankidy photos can bounce!) My dd had the HSS special, which was basically a standard breakfast sandwich with potatoes on the side!  I can say mine was delicious, and his looked good!

Plans for today include work, laundry, and some rainy day laziness!  Happy Saturday, friends! 🙂

Question for you:

  • What is your favorite meal?
  • Is there a “standard” breakfast food you always order?

I always get pancakes or french toast.  I know I can make both at home, and probably healthier versions, but I LOOVE ordering them at restaurants!

Happy Friday!

Good Morning and Happy Friday everyone! It’s an awfully rain Friday over here! I feel I need to pause and let y’all in on what I’m thinking “Holy shit I can’t believe it’s already the third week of january…and it’s over.”  For someone who feels like 2012 flew by, I have to say 2013 is already off to a fast start.  I work retail so the concept of a weekend is pretty skewed and Fridays are not as special as they were in high school, I don’t mind though I honestly love my job. My plans for tonight include closing at work (meh), watching Law and Order and snuggling in a warm bed!


Breakfast this morning was a favorite. TJ’s whole wheat waffles topped with bananas and some syrup!  Yum!

photo 2(5)

And a cup of coffee on the side in my favorite mug…

photo 1(5)

It’s suppose to rain all weekend and while I was hoping for a beach run tomorrow morning it looks like I’ll be settling for an indoor cycling class.


Question for you:

  • What are your Friday night and weekend plans?