Gorgeous Friday!

Happy Friday to y’all! It’s another gorgeous day over here in California.  For all y’all dealing with cold and snow…I wish I could bottle up the sunshine and send it your way!


I was fortunate enough to have two days off in a row this week! Holla! Thank you Nina 😉 Breakfast today consisted of oatmeal and a cup of coffee.  I stirred in some frozen strawberries to give my oatmeal some pizzaz! After breakfast I headed to the gym for a super sweaty workout.  I started on the treadmill with this workout:  photo(7)

**I wish I could link back to where I originally found this workout but it’s just in my phone as a photo.  If this is your workout, PLEASE let me know so I can give you credit!**

Honestly, I was never one who changed up my treadmill workouts.  I would set it at 6.0 or 6.5 and then run. After my injury I wasn’t able to run fast or for very long and I found that changing up my the speeds lets me run farther for longer.  I am a fan.



It’s one gorgeous day over here and I took full advantage of the summer like weather to bust out the barbeque and grill up some chicken and veggies.  I marinated the chicken, during breakfast and while at the gym, in balsamic vinaigrette and popped it on the grill.  Along side I tossed some zucchini in olive oil, salt and pepper and put that on the grill alongside the chicken.  I microwaved some left over rice I had from dinner last night. Delish. photo 3(7)Some Naked juice was enjoyed alongside!  I usually don’t get to have such a large lunch, in fact I usually don’t get to enjoy lunch at home, so this was a real treat and an awesome start to my weekend! Hope ya’ll having an awesome Friday!

Reader Questions: What are your plans for the weekend?

Tomorrow I work, but Sunday I plan to take full advantage of Super Bowl Sunday!