My Hate Relationship With The Elliptical

Does anyone else hate the elliptical? No okay so it’s just me then.  Before I get to this situation let me tell you about the most amazing Chinese chicken salad I’ve ever had.  No this salad wasn’t from some 5 star gourmet restaurant it was from Nordstrom cafe and it was out of this world good!  The base of the salad was your standard mixed greens mix, the dressing was a sweet Asian balsamic vinaigrette, on top of the salad was baby mandarin oranges, slivered almonds, carrots slices and sliced red bell pepper and plenty of those crunchy things that come standard on Chinese chicken salad.  AMAZING. Oh, and chicken of course! photo(9)


I haven’t always hated the elliptical.  This is a relatively new thing…well new as in the past year-ish.  In highschool I was all about the elliptical, I’d get on that thing and go for an hour and I’d be content with the workout but lately any time I get on the elliptical I get bored within 3 minutes and end up switching to the treadmill.  I’m not sure if it’s the runner in me, as this is also a new thing, but I just am not content with a elliptical workout?  Do any of y’all have that problem?  I’d really really love your suggestions!

Happy National Pancake Day!  I didn’t celebrate with free pancakes at IHOP, actually I didn’t even have pancakes today so I hope you got to enjoy them for me 🙂

Be back tomorrow with a 2-parter Bachelor re-cap.

Reader Questions:

  • How do you fight elliptical boredom?
  • Do you know of any fantastic break a sweat elliptical workouts?