It’s Tuesday?

When I thought of the title of this post I seriously typed “Monday Funday” into the subject bar and then thought that can’t be right. Clearly it’s been a long day, but a good day! And it’s Tuesday not Monday which means one day closer to Friday 🙂 Before I tell you about my delicious dinner let’s rewind to last night! I ended up meeting up with 3 of my close friends for an ice cream date around 9.  I told y’all I live for ice cream and froyo.  After devouring eating our ice cream we all decided it was a perfect night for a spontaneous hike.  Yes, I said hike. and yes it was 10 p.m.  If you’ve never been on a night hike I recommend you round up the troops and plan one ASAP.  They’re amazing.  Especially when you reach the top and look out at all the city lights.  Personally I’m a city lights type of girl, I’d take that view over an ocean view any day. Call me crazy, it’s cool.  Anyway, we ended up at the top of this hill and the view was breath taking.  The hike itself wasn’t hard, I was breathing deeply when we got to the top though.  The climb was pretty much vertical to the top.  Okay, I’m exaggerating but it was pretty steep! Look at this view…and this view…Loved the spontaneous adventure with my friends!  We’re definitely going to have to make night hikes more of a weekly thing! 🙂


But now lets move on to today, which is Tuesday in case you’re like me and forget the days of the week! I opened this morning at work and knew I had dinner plans this evening so I started the day with an early morning gym sesh.  3.5 miles for me! It’s back to pain in my calves, not unbearable as it has been but pretty stinkin’ painful.  I just ordered a pair of compression sleeves off Amazon and I’m hoping those will help with the pain!  Breakfast this morning was an old standby…yogurt, in the car as I drove to work.Yogurt for breakfast is always delish 🙂  But now let me tell you about this AMAZING place I had dinner at tonight!  I met up with an old friend from high school who I hadn’t seen in oh, two years.  She chose the place we were going to and I was excited to try something new.  Gyu-Kaku is where we ended up.  Don’t ask me the correct pronunciation of the name because I have no clue!  The restaurant is korean?  I think and you sit at tables with grills in the middle and cook your own food. Kind of like this…source

That isn’t our table but it’s exactly how it looked and now you’ll get the full picture!  We ordered garlic noodles as an appetizer and split them.  For our main course we ordered two different types of beef, one more think and the other more like bacon, garlic shrimp, and zucchini.  They bring the food to you raw and you’re in charge of cookin’ it up!  It’s such a fun atmosphere and cooking really opens up the conversation, not that we were struggling, but there’s just something about cooking that brings out conversation.  It’d be a great place for a date!  We plowed through our food and decided to treat ourselves to some dessert!  It was girls night out, why not!  I failed to snap photo’s of our actual food as I was to involved in conversation but remembered for dessert.  We ordered smore’s to cook over the fire! Yum! This place was seriously so fun and I can’t wait to go back!  I’m off to bed, early workout on the books tomorrow!  See ya in the a.m!

One More Day Till Friday!

One more day till Friday, one more day till Fridaaayyy!  That is the song I’ve been singing in my head all morning! I’m really looking forward to this Friday one, because I don’t close at work and two because it’s my old high schools biggest football game of the season!  No, I’m not talking about Homecoming I’m talking about Battle of the Bell against our cross-town rival. I still live in the town I went to high school in so it’s always super fun to go back for the big football games.  I’m going with my friends Shannon and Andrew and I’m pretty sure there will be tons of alumni there, pictures will follow on Saturday! 🙂 My morning started off on a great note!  I originally set my alarm for 5 am but ended up snoozing it till 5:30.  I wanted to get my run in early today because after work this evening I know I’m not going to want to get it in.  Before heading off to the gym I gave myself a little fuel via a power crunch bar.  I’m currently sampling a variety of power bars because I can’t seem to find one I love.  I think they all taste like chalk.  All you power bar lovers are probably cringing right now, huh?  Well send some power bar suggestions my way and I’ll be happy to try them out!

pb is always good!

My verdict for this little guy…good but not great.  It didn’t taste as chalky as I usually think they do and I liked the candy bar like taste but I’m not sold.  I’ll be back on the hunt for a delicious power bar.


My past three runs have been calf pain free and I thought I had finally beat the excruciating pain but I knew when I woke up this morning and I could feel the tightness in them that it was back.  And I was right.  I admit I almost just gave up on the idea of getting to the gym at that moment, but because I had already interrupted my sleep and trudged my way to the car I decided to push through.  I’m so glad I did!  I felt good on my run, I stopped more frequently then I had been but that was just to get a little stretch in there.  After the three miles passed I felt like I could have easily gone for four.  Sunday will be four miles and is my second farthest run in marathon training.


I’m currently blogging from Starbucks and breakfast this morning came courtesy of them!  For actual food I chose a peach and raspberry yogurt parfait. Delicious!  Starbucks you always please me!  I told y’all I’m a huge Starbucks fan! And because I know how crazy this day is going to be…or because I feel like it will be, Trenta Iced Coffee fo meI’m sure the amount of caffeine in this drink is going to have me bouncing off the walls today!  Sidenote: I’m contemplating signing up for the Turkey Trot in Huntington Beach but I’m not sure how I feel about running a 10k on Thanksgiving morning.  Mostly I just want to dress up like a turkey and get a race in before my half-marathon but I’m still on the fence. What do you all think?  Have any of you ran in a turkey trot?  Share with me!  I’ll be back later with my self esteem Sunday update!


What are your plans for Friday? 

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday

It’s back again this week!  What I’m lovin’ Wednesday! But before I get to what I’m lovin’ lets cover the blog basics…you know food, my workout all that jazz!  I ate an early dinner tonight and when I say early I’m talking 4 o’clock early.  I didn’t intend to eat this early and usually I’d be starving around 8 but I’m still surprisingly full but with everything I had to accomplish on my day off that was just how the cookie crumbled.  I met my friend Adam for lunch at Corner Bakery, a chain restaurant thats super popular over here in So Cal.  I was flip-flopping between a the Santa Fe Ranch Salad and a half panini with mac and cheese.  I decided to go with the panini and mac and cheese and I was super satisfied.  In bad blogger fashion I forgot to snap a picture but that’s before I inhaled my morning meal.  Sorry!  Before my workout I met up with my friend Shannon for some froyo! It’s still mega hot out in So Cal so some cold goodness was just what I was craving. Pistachio froyo with cap’n crunch cereal, brownies and gummy worms fo me please!

I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of frozen yogurt. Believe me, I’m surprised I haven’t turned into yogurt with the amount of it I consume.  Sadly though, froyo and a workout aren’t a good combination.  Running two miles on a belly full of froyo is not the business. I did however manage to push through and get in a great workout!

today’s stats!

After my run I hit up the weight room for some strength training!  I jumped around on a variety of machines and managed to bust out an additional 30 minutes down there!  Have I mentioned yet how glad I am to be back in the swing of things after being sick?  It feels AMAZING to sweat again!


What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday

In honor of the first week of October and what I consider to be the official kick off of the holiday season (I love them so much I like to celebrate for 3 whole months) you know I’m lovin the fact that I can start decorating!  I picked up a baby pumpkin at Trader’s Monday and it’s now sitting so cute and fall-y on my table!  I can’t wait for my pumpkin carving party!

I’m planning to make a run to Target before work tomorrow to stock up on some decorating essentials for the season!


Even though it happened on Saturday, I’m still loving the fact that I got to spend Saturday night with my best friend of 17 years celebrating her 21st birthday at one of the best concerts I’ve ever been too! I’m so thankful this girl is apart of my life, and I’m so thankful we get to do super fun things like this!  I don’t know what I would do without these moments!


and the third thing I’m loving, a successful season for both my teams!  Did you seriously think I was going to leave a football reference out of this post? I think I’ve told y’all I’m a HUGE football fan, I seriously turn into a boy for the 16 weeks of the season.  I’m a Charger fan by default because I live in Southern California and I’m a Bronco’s fan because I LOVE Peyton Manning!  Both of my teams are starting out strong and I’m totally hoping for one of them to make a super bowl appearance.  I’m also totally stoked that both of them have beaten the Raiders 😉 37 was the magical number this Sunday 🙂  What’s your favorite team?  I’d love to hear who you guys root for!  This girl is off to bed because I have a 3 mile run on the books at 5 am tomorrow!  See ya around breakfast time!


What are 3 things you’re loving this week?


Oh My Lanta! My Calves are on fire!

Tonights run was a toughie!  I thought I was never going to hit two miles and I was pretty darn certain my calves were going to burst into flames at any moment!  But before I cover the workout, lets do dinner?

Like I said before, I work retail which means working whack job hours.  For example, I didn’t leave my store tonight till 10 p.m which also means no cooking meals at home for me!  Yes, I do know I can pack a lunch but I somehow always find myself rushing to run out the door to work and I can’t seem to throw something together and I lack a lunchbox currently.  Have no fear though, my goal for next week is to pack a meal every day!  Okay, so I’m going to try my hardest because with moving and everything else going on my world is going to be a tad crazy! Today’s dinner was absolutely fabulous and satisfied every single one of my taste buds.  Half of a mozzarella prosciutto sandwich and a side salad topped with the best balsamic vinaigrette dressing you will ever have from the cafe in my store!

how good does this baby look?!

You might have already guessed this but yes I do work at Nordstrom!  I love the cafe and I always try to choose a healthy option for my meals, for example: a half sandwich and half salad or a cup of soup and half salad.  Their tomato basil soup is on point!  Now on to my run! The second day of training is a shorter two mile run and by all heaven was I glad it was only two miles.  I have never felt pain in my calves like I did tonight.  It made the run extra challenging and my time a little slower.  The whole time I was running I kept repeating mantra’s in my head, my favorite being “It’s okay to feel uncomfortable” which I got from Julie.  I guess I was trying to make myself think the pain I was in was just me being uncomfortable, but sadly it was just straight up pain!  But what ever gets me through the run, right?!  I promised I would remember to take a picture of my stats and guess what!  I remembered! Snaps for Kelsey!

About a 12 minute mile, not to shabby for the immense pain I was feeling in my calves!  I’m hoping to find some miraculous cure for this issue, so if any of y’all know something holla at your girl so I can get back to running my 9:30-10 minute miles!  Wow, this issue is slowin me down!  But seriously, holla if you know of some way I can make this problem go poof!  Goodnight y’all, see ya in the mornin!

Running: It’s good for the body, it’s good for the soul!

Sorry for comin atchya with such a late blog post but today has been off the hook crazy!  I didn’t even make it to the gym till 10 p.m tonight!  (I work retail and therefore close many nights a week which leads to my looney hours.) But lemme recap the day for y’all starting with lunch!

Because today got off to such a slow movin’ start I chose to get lunch as I wrapped up my morning errands.  Bring on da chipotle!

yum yum in my tum tum

Notice the aqua green SHEET in the pictures, yes I did eat my lunch in bed as I scrambled to finish an essay that’s due, oh you know tomorrow!  But anyway, back to lunch!  Chipotle is by far one of my most favorite places to eat!  I don’t consider it fast food and that just makes me all the more happier!  (Even though it was, or is, owned by the McDonalds Corp.) In my burrito bowl I had: Brown rice, hold the beans, chicken, a little sour cream, tomatoes, corn, lettuce, a teeny bit of cheese and then I doused it in their dressing which I could rave about for hours!  That was lunch.  Immediately after I consumed my midday meal my day was nothing but Go-Go-Go, but sometimes I like it like that!

And now for the reason I write on my blog, my workout!  Today was day two of half-marathon training!  My first three mile run of official training and might I just say I kicked this runs butt!  I forgot to take a picture of my stats (yes, I ran on a treadmill tonight because I’m to terrified to run at night by myself) but I’ll definitely make sure I do tomorrow!  But I did take a picture of my sweaty face after…please excuse the awfully red and sweaty face.

supa dupa sweaty

I never realized how much better I would feel after a run.  Today, while busy was also very emotional for me. I’m dealing with something in my personal life (I promise to elaborate in the very near future) and I couldn’t shake the feeling of sadness today.  Everything I saw or did reminded me of someone but it was so nice to get in the zone tonight and run! Running truly is good for the body and good for the soul!  I’ll see y’all tomorrow for breakfast? Okay, I don’t work till 1 so I might sleep in so then I’ll see y’all for lunch!