Self Esteem Sunday: Update

I’m popping in a little earlier than usual today to share lunch and an update about Self Esteem: Sunday.  Remember, I was trying to give up focusing on my weight as a number and focus more on how I’m feeling,  it’s been four days and I’m ready to give ya’ll an update.  But first, lets talk everyone’s favorite subject: food!  It’s been awhile since I had fish for any meal and because I’m at my parents before work this afternoon I decided to take full advantage of the fish sittin in the freezer!  I decided to have a bigger lunch than usual and make use of the veggies in the fridge!  I seasoned a salmon filet with salt, pepper, garlic powder and some Mrs. Dash.  On the side I tossed broccoli in olive oil and garlic salt and popped both of them in the oven for 15 minutes.  I love mushrooms and because my parents had them in the refrigerator I decided to make the best of them and throw em in the mix.  I sauteed them on the stove with some Worcestershire sauce! To round it out, a small spooning of jasmin rice that I clearly forgot to take with me.  Lunch was satisfying! That nasty looking stone thing my plate is sitting on would be my pizza stone and I promise I’m trying to get better at taking photos!


Self Esteem Sunday: Update

I decided to give up on the scale to focus more on how I was feeling rather than the number on the scale which honestly was becoming discouraging because the number wasn’t going down as much as I’d like even though I was feeling fantastic!  I would love to be able to report back and say “I did not get on the scale once since Sunday” but I believe in being completely honest with y’all and I have to admit:  I got on the scale last night.  I had a fabulous workout and I was feeling great so I thought whats the problem with just hoppin’ on to see the number.  I am happy to report though that while the number hasn’t moved, it’s actually gone up I reminded myself that I was feeling fantastic and I didn’t let it affect my mood. I also remembered what Carrie told me: that I was going to increase muscle mass because I need muscle to run 13.1 miles and muscle “weighs” more than fat.  So, after all this rambling I’d say this has been a success but I’m not satisfied just going four days.  I’ll be back on Sunday with another update on how my whole week without the scale is going.


See y’all tomorrow morning.  I’m off to work and then will be coming home to get a great nights sleep! Happy Thursday!