Smoothie Time!

It might be January but it sure felt like summer today! And summer calls for one thing, I mean besides the beach and frozen cocktails…SMOOTHIES. Just like you won’t find me drinkin’ a hot mocha during the summer, I’m not one to drink smoothies in the cold of winter.  Thank you to the gorgeous So Cal weather for allowing me to enjoy my smoothie mid-winter.  Lunch was a fabulous smoothie, love the strawberry banana combo.  photo 3(6)

Strawberry Banana Summer Smoothie
  • scoop of yogurt (vanilla and strawberry combo for this girl.)
  • handful of frozen strawberries.
  • one banana broken in half.
  • splash of almond milk.

Blend everything in a blender till you achieve your desired consistency 🙂


Sooo…who’s excited for the Super Bowl?! This girl over here is!  Granted the Ravens and the 49-ers are not my favorite teams but I’m excited for this game. Ray Lewis gets a shot at his very last Super Bowl in his very last season. Colin Kapaernick took over mid-season as the 49ers QB and is leading them to a Super Bowl and last but not least, the Harbaugh brothers are facing off in the biggest game. It’s going to be a good game and I’m excited.  Besides you know the actual game the second best part of game day is the food and drinks! I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite game day eats!

fa11ec94e965ef63473ac3ecdacd94a2Buffalo Chicken Bites


Buffalo Chicken Nachos

6a826dc5c316621b95f04b46ab9d2f3f7 Layer Dip


b8c3003dc02cfdcb76304ebfe041ccf9Football Whoopie Pies

The links under the photo’s are direct links to the recipe’s and their sources!  I think I’ll be making the nachos and whoopie pies and maybe enjoy a margarita or two 😉 T-MINUS 2 DAYS!

Reader Questions: How will you be celebrating the Super Bowl?  Any special recipes you’re going to use for game day?

I’ll be celebrating the Super Bowl at a family friends house.  I’ll be guaranteed a good game, good food, good drinks, and great company!

*Side Note: Is anyone else who’s blog is hosted by wordpress having problems?  I’m getting emails about comments that aren’t on my blog but on someone elses.  Anyone else experiencing difficulties?