Sunshine Award!

I interrupt our normal scheduled blogging to bring you the Sunshine Award! Thank you to Kate  for nominating me, after a long and exhausting day it definitely brought a smile to my face! sunshine-awardDa rules:

If nominated, you must include a link in your blog to the person who nominated you.  You must answer some questions about your self and then choose 10 bloggers to nominate.  Link them in your blog and inform them you nominated them. Ready. Set. Go

I’m not feeling particularly creative tonight so I’m going to re answer Kate’s questions: Here we goooo!


1.) Who is your favorite philosopher? My nerd side is about to come out.  My favorite philosopher is John Locke, he is credited with the basic fundamentals of democracy and our founding fathers took his views and made them the views of our country. And I mean, who doesn’t love democracy?

2.) What is your favorite number? 13. I was 13 every year of soccer and softball and my birthday is April 13th.

3.) What is your favorite animal? Sharks. sharkseat1

4.) What are your Facebook and Twitter? My blog doesn’t have a Facebook, but you’re more then welcome to add my real one…Kelsey Finch <<<my name. I am on twitter but I suck at tweeting, kelseyruns is where you’ll find me. I also instagram alot, kelseyfinch.

5.) What is your favorite time of day? I love night time. I love coming home, changing, making dinner and just relaxing. That is the bees knees.

6.) What was your favorite holiday? FOURTH OF JULY!

IMG_0212I know you’re all totally rolling your eyes right now because who loves a holiday that isn’t Christmas, this girl right here!  I love spending the entire day of the fourth at the beach with my favorite people and then watching fireworks at night!

7.) What is your favorite physical activity? I love running but I’d take hiking any day. 30609_1135141596700_1772151422_249922_6932425_nThrowback to high school when my senior class hiked 11 miles into the grand canyon for our senior trip!

8.) What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Apple Juice.

9.) What is your favorite flower? Sunflowers. Love them!

10.) What is your passion? My one passion? Shoot I don’t have just one!  I’m passionate about my family, my friends, my faith, my job, school, my relationships, and healthy living!

And now my nominations for the Sunshine Award are:

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6. Alex @ Cookie Dough Katzen

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10. Abby @ The Workout Chick

Question for you: Answer any of the questions from above! 🙂