On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink

Happy National Mean Girls day y’all! Oh, and happy hump day, only two more days till the weekend! 🙂  Have I mentioned how much I love Mean Girls? Well I LOOOVE Mean Girls.  I’ve seen it more times then I can count and I seriously can quote the entire movie. You know I was beyond stoked to find out today is National Mean Girls Day.  “On October 3rd he asked me what day it is.”  Yes, I plan to spend the entire day rattling off Mean Girls quotes! But waking up to find out it’s National Mean Girls wasn’t the only reason today is off to a spectacular start!  I’m participating in Courtney’s yoga challenge!  Which meant a yoga class for this girl this morning!  I woke up at 6 am on my day off for a class, that is some dedication right there 😉 I’m pretty excited about participating in my first blogging challenge, if thats what you call it? I’m new to this whole blogging thing so sadly I’m not all up on the lingo.  The class felt amazing.  It felt AMAZING to get a deep stretch that I’m pretty sure my body was craving but I was ignoring.  I’m feelin pretty good and I’m looking forward to my run this afternoon!  

Breakfast this morning was a classic.  Yogurt bowl with fruit for this girl.  Growing up I ate yogurt so much I’m surprised I didn’t turn into a bowl of yogurt and somehow I still love the creamy deliciousness.  Today’s agenda includes a haircut, lunch with my good friend Adam, and a 2 mile run!  In bad blogger fashion I wasn’t able to pop in last night because something really awesome happened, I’m keeping it a secret until I can share photos with you guys, sorry for the teaser!  But I’ll give you a short recap right here, right now!  I worked. I ate soup at the cafe. I ran 3.5 miles. I slept. Such a simple day, except for the really exciting thing you’ll find out about in a few 🙂  I’ll be back later for What I’m Lovin Wednesday!